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The Job Creation Law Opens Business Opportunities During the Pandemic


Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation is a regulation that must get positive support from the Indonesian people. The Job Creation Law is a positive legal product, especially in the context of opening up business opportunities for the community. During the current Covid-19 pandemic, Indonesia has made various efforts to improve the economy due to one of the effects of the pandemic, namely disruption of national economic conditions.

2021 is an opportunity for Indonesia to make economic improvements. This needs to be done so that in the second semester, the Indonesian economy will return to normal with an average growth rate of 5% as usual. Therefore, the government’s efforts to improve economic conditions through the implementation of the Job Creation Law must be supported together.

If there is no breakthrough in the Job Creation Law, it is predicted that Indonesia will be unable to compete with other countries, especially with ASEAN such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and so on. This is one additional reason to support the implementation of the Job Creation Law in order to increase the ease of doing business in Indonesia.

The Job Creation Law can simplify, synchronize and streamline regulations. Until now, there are still many rules and regulations that can hinder the entry of investors into Indonesia and cause a minimum of new jobs.

Therefore, the main objective of the Job Creation Law is to attract investment so as to create the widest possible employment opportunities for workers in Indonesia. The Job Creation Law is a breath of fresh air for economic recovery during a pandemic. The Job Creation Law is the immunity of economic growth for the welfare of the nation and the key to saving the nation’s economy during a pandemic. Do not let the existing regulations make it difficult for seekers and employers both at the central and regional levels.

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