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The Job Creation Law Promotes the Digital Economy


By: Made Raditya) *

The inauguration of the Job Creation Law brought a breath of fresh air, not only in the investment sector, but also in the digital economy. Currently, the trend is shifting to online and this law makes it easier for entrepreneurs to run their business, so that it is easier for them to penetrate the international market. UMKM entrepreneurs also receive assistance from the government.

The business world in 2020 is a little sluggish due to the impact of the corona storm. The crisis that occurred did not only exist in Indonesia, but also in the world. In order for entrepreneurs to survive and penetrate international markets, they must develop digital marketing. More people will know and buy their products.

To support the progress of entrepreneurs in the digital economy, the government has launched a Job Creation Law which changes several regulations regarding business. Because currently the business world has changed to the online market, so there must be a new article as a legal umbrella. Business is dynamic, so there needs to be a new law to keep up with market trends.

Teten Masduki, Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs stated that the Job Creation Law supports the strengthening of MSMEs through the digital economy. Article 97 states that 40% of government goods and services procurement is carried out by MSMEs. The rules have also changed, there is no need to use a tender, but for food and beverages it can be via a digital platform.

The order is provided with a record if the transaction is under 50 million rupiah. This change in regulation is very beneficial for MSME entrepreneurs in the culinary field, because the government has launched their business. Because during the pandemic, the food and beverage business was rather sluggish. The reason is that people prefer to stock up on basic necessities rather than snacks.

This shows that the government is aware of changes in business trends, from conventional to digital. When shopping through a food platform, culinary entrepreneurs will be encouraged to create online shops in the application. They will realize the advantage, namely more buyers. The business world will be more advanced because business people understand technology.

Teten continued, the government provided funds of 321 trillion for spending to MSME entrepreneurs. To speed things up, shopping can be done through an online catalog. This shows that the government is technology literate and not clueless. A faster shopping process is also practical and saves time. Because it only remains to open the device.

Online shopping also curbs corrupt practices among rogue individuals. They cannot ask a stall or grocery store for blank notes when shopping, and fill it in themselves and mark up the price. But when transactions are online and are also paid with digital money balances, the notes on the device will be difficult to manipulate.

The government also provides training to MSME entrepreneurs so that they are more tech savvy. So, social media can be used not only to vent, but also function as a place to promote merchandise. When MSME entrepreneurs have an Instagram account, their market potential will expand and their products will sell well.

Assistance from the government is not only how to create online stores, but MSME entrepreneurs are also taught techniques and strategies for building digital businesses. For example, apart from relying on social media, there are also websites, Youtube channels, promotions via email, and other digital marketing techniques. The goal is that more people get to know their product.

The Job Creation Law opens up many new opportunities for entrepreneurs to focus on digital marketing, because some of them are not tech literate. With assistance from the government, MSME business people will be more proficient in marketing their products and creating online shops that are crowded with buyers in cyberspace.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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