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The maximum government suppresses the Covid- 19 spike


By: Angga Baskara )*

The increasing number of Corona patients has made the government move quickly to suppress it. Therefore, the Government imposed an emergency PPKM and tightened discipline in health protocols so that everyone was safe from the threat of Covid-19.

The pandemic scares people physically and psychologically, because some are in a declining financial situation, and some are bored for a long time because they have to work from home . To overcome this, the government makes programs, so that this bad situation will end soon. The community is also asked to cooperate and do everything happily.

When the number of Corona patients jumped to 39,000 people per day, this critical situation was faced with the emergency PPKM strategy from 3 to 20 July 2021. During PPKM, community mobility was really limited, because mass movement caused an increase in the number of new Covid cases . At the border of the city/district of Aten and the province there is a barrier that is closely guarded by the apparatus.

During the blockage, each vehicle is not allowed to pass through, except for those who show a travel certificate or a work certificate, for example for doctors and health workers who are going to work . The partition is carried out so that mass movement is limited and they cannot potentially carry the Covid- 19 virus out of town or get it from there.

In addition, when PPKM the mall is closed except for supermarkets and restaurants, and even then only mela Yani take away . Likewise, restaurants outside the mall, can only be open until 8 pm and can only be ordered via delivery order . Even in areas like Malang a curfew is imposed, so no one wanders and hangs out until the early hours of the morning .

Another government strategy is to increase the points in the health protocol. If the original 5M becomes 10M. The ten points are: wearing a mask, washing hands or using hand sanitizer , maintaining distance, avoiding crowds, and reducing mobility . Still coupled with maintaining circulation, keeping the environment clean, changing clothes, increasing body resistance, and increasing immunity.

Maintaining circulation is very important because according to WHO research, Corona can be transmitted via dirty and stuffy air . Moreover, the delta variant Corona can spread only by passing OTG. So if there is a public facility room, it must be equipped with adequate and clean ventilation or a fan, if possible there is a humidifier so that the air is really clean . In addition, the air conditioner must be cleaned regularly so that it does not become a means of spreading Corona .

Keeping the environment clean is also mandatory because a dirty environment will make the virus easy to spread. After cleaning the body, don’t forget to also mop the house and if you can spray disinfectant liquid. In addition, after traveling, even if only from a nearby shop, change clothes so that there is no virus attached to it (if possible, take a shower and wash your hair).

We also need to increase our endurance by exercising, and during emergency PPKM we can do stretching or other low impact exercises that can be done at home. Consuming nutritious food is also important so that the immune system increases, so make sure there is a menu of vegetables and fruit, also added milk.

While the body’s immunity can be increased by vaccination, so that it is more immune to Corona . Even if it is attacked then only mild symptoms. For those who have not received the vaccine, they can increase their immunity by drinking honey , milk, date juice, or herbs such as boiled ginger and lemongrass.

To suppress the Corona case , the government requires the public to comply with each point in the emergency PPKM. Civilians are also obliged to vaccinate and implement health protocols. Not only 3M or 5M, but up to 10M. So that everyone can be Corona free .

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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