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The National Health and Vaccination Protocol Policy Successfully Handles Covid-19


By: Halimatussadiyah (South Tangerang City Blogger)

The number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia continues to increase, the addition of daily active cases has also reached the highest number. So far the government is still trying to provide a Covid-19 vaccine to stop the spread of the Corona Virus. Meanwhile, the government continues to promote health protocol socialization so that people can avoid exposure to the Corona Virus. It should be remembered that vaccinations and health protocol disciplines are a successful solution to preventing the spread of Covid-19.

The protocol for preventing the transmission of Covid-19 does not only apply to workplace managers, business actors, workers, customers / consumers involved in the service and trade sectors (public areas), but applies to the wider community.

While the government is trying to continue to vaccinate in order to stop the spread of Covid-19, the public is advised to comply with health protocols, namely washing hands regularly, using hand sanitizers and wearing masks. Thus, the government has been assisted in efforts to prevent exposure to the Corona Virus.

The government is not tired of reminding the public to adhere to health protocol regulations and restriction policies. The government also urges people to remind each other, especially their own families. This will certainly increase public awareness to look after one another and not underestimate the dangers of Covid-19.

The public can also take part in mutual cooperation in public media literacy actions. So, people can also sort and select information that is appropriate for public consumption or not. The public is also expected not to swallow information carelessly, but to continue checking valid sources of information to make Indonesians smart in sorting information.

Smart people will also ensure that they are in good health before leaving for work, because they will face various threats of Covid-19 transmission in certain sectors, including traveling and at work. Workers who experience symptoms such as fever / cough / runny nose / sore throat are advised not to come to work and have themselves checked at the nearest health service facility. As good Indonesian citizens, the public needs to have awareness to continue to comply with health protocols and care for each other to optimize the government’s efforts to get rid of the Corona Virus in Indonesia.

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