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The Need for a National Commitment of Millennials in guarding the ideology of Pancasila


By: Teguh Amirrudin (Head of Bandung Regional Publication Literacy Generation)

Indonesia has a foundation known as the four pillars of nationality, namely Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), and Unity in Diversity. These four pillars have become the history of the Indonesian nation’s journey and become a national commitment that must be continuously improved.

“Building an advanced Indonesia requires a strong national commitment. The history of this nation and country is proof that Pancasila is the result of an agreement to achieve the nation and state goals in the Republic of Indonesia, “said Vice President K.H. Ma’ruf Amin when opening the Riding of the Four Pillars of the National Parliament of the Republic of Indonesia some time ago.

What is national commitment?

The national commitment of the Indonesian people to Pancasila, makes Pancasila as a way of life, the basis of the Indonesian state, and the state ideology. Thus all the people of Indonesia agree consciously that in their national commitment, they are ready for a life of Godhead, realizing a just and civilized humanity, maintaining the unity of Indonesia, prioritizing musyaarawah, and embodying social justice for all Indonesian people.

However, transnational ideology often crashes into the four national consensus that has been mentioned. This can happen because foreign ideologies tend to be radical and can be seen today, politics of identity is increasingly widespread. Personal and community emotions are stirred up based on primordial backgrounds (religion, ethnicity, and so on).

If traced and explored its history, the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) which is painstakingly built, the seeds of division are always there. However, the most important thing is not to let bad things live and develop.

Religiously masked radical ideology will not bring this country to a better direction, on the contrary, not only betrayed the ideals of the founders of the nation, but clearly and proven that it did not sell and actually brought destruction in several countries.

But, in the middle of the journey there is certainly a temptation. Many elements have strayed. Already out of the rails of the initial commitment and have denied the greatness of shared ideals. However, we must remain faithful in guarding the ideology of Pancasila.

Indonesian people must be aware of the ideology of their people, where unity and basic ideas are arranged systematically and thoroughly to regulate people and their lives. Because, if a nation loses its characteristics, it will weaken the balance of the nation in various fields, so that the nation can easily be destroyed or colonized by other countries. The first thing that must be returned is religious tolerance.

Remember, temptation is getting heavier going forward. The more days and even more leads to the calculation of hours, minutes, or even seconds, this is not excessive. Because there have been many people who use all kinds of methods to be used to destroy the country. One of them is by harnessing the power of social media to spread slander, hatred tests, hoaxes and so on, this is a matter of seconds.

They are fast and we should be much faster and responsive. They are also strong and we should be much stronger. We are racing on the same road. There is no silence. They never keep quiet to continue to undermine. We also will never be silent to fight, bulldoze them to the roots.

Indonesian people must be fully aware that differences are not a reason for division, Indonesia stands out because of diverse cultures, religions, races and others. However, diversity is what makes Indonesia a big country. So that will grow a sense of mutual care and preserve the unity of Indonesia. Including not breaking away from the territory of the Republic of Indonesia which stretches widely from Sabang to Merauke by rejecting and opposing hoax news about the ideology of Pancasila by internalizing and actualizing the ideology of Pancasila in daily life.

Certainly need determination and strong capital. Establish commitment and uphold the rule of law. No one will dare to try if we are strong and determined. There will be no brave challengers if we are always ready to face all its potential.

The basis must be strong, Pancasila and awareness that this diversity will only strengthen us. The responsibility of guarding the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) to become a strong nation must be maintained especially by the younger generation. This awareness must be a national and state spirit for every level of society. Therefore, differences in beliefs, ethnicity, race and class must not destroy our unity and unity as national children. We must stay united and respect each other. Pancasila Dead Prices! Reject Communism and the Khilafah!

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