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The Omnibus Law of Job Creation is Made in a Transparent Way


By: Deka Prawira ) *

The rejection of some people regarding the omnibus law creates new issues about the law. Rumors circulated that the DPR deliberately drafted this law secretly, so that the people would not know it. So that when it was inaugurated, many didn’t know and had to accept it. In fact, the public can access DPR meetings on parliamentary TV.

The Omnibus law is the most horrendous law this year, because its birth was marked by protests by workers and mass organizations. They insist on rejecting the Job Creation Law because they do not want their fate to be crushed by this new regulation. But actually this fear is wrong, because they are only consumed by hoaxes about the omnibus law.

After several demonstrations, the workers were not satisfied. Now they are spreading the rumor that the omnibus law was made in a non-transparent manner, thus betraying the people. I don’t know what got into their minds that caused painful accusations against the DPR.

Nurul Arifin, a member of the DPR RI Omnibus Law Bill working committee from the Golongan Karya faction, dismissed the accusation that this law was drafted in secret. According to him, the deliberation of the Bill is always transparent, there is no such thing as a meeting in a dark place. Meetings have been held since the proposed bill was issued, February 2020. In fact, discussions were also held during the recess.

Nurul added that the discussion of the omnibus law was in accordance with the procedure. If the DPR held a secret meeting, of course no results of the interview would come out in the media. DPR members also spoke without fear of being caught discussing the omnibus law. Moreover, the public can see videos of DPR meetings on the official website and on parliament TV.

When the demonstration to reject the omnibus law was held for 3 days, there were parties who protested and said why this law was promulgated in such a hurry. They did not know that the meeting to discuss it had been going on for months. Or maybe because they have already been consumed by hoaxes, so they accuse the DPR of torturing the people.

In fact, the accusation is wrong because the DPR has made laws that make the people prosperous. When there were representatives from the labor union, the DPR baleg also welcomed them with open arms. They even held an official audition at a star hotel and have found an agreement. So it cannot be said that the DPR is arrogant.

When drafting the omnibus law, the DPR does not work alone. Because this law covers many fields, they invited various experts from the fields of economics, law, labor, land affairs, and others. Even businessmen have their opinions heard. So there should be no accusation from the workers that the making of this law did not listen to the voice of the people.

Minister Mahfud MD also stated that he wanted to have a discussion with union representatives, to avoid misunderstandings about the omnibus law. So it can be explained what are the advantages of this law and workers do not need to be afraid of their future.

The transparency of the ministers and members of the DPR shows the seriousness of the government to show their work in the welfare of the people. After reformation, we are entering into an era of openness. There are no more stories about DPR policies that were made secretly, without being noticed by the public.

The public should not equate the current DPR with people’s representatives in the New Order era. Because now DPR members are really the people’s choice and are fighting for the people’s fate . Including by making an omnibus law. Don’t be skeptical of all decisions from the government.

Do not easily accuse the DPR of acting arbitrarily by holding dark meetings. Because they also presented the results of the meeting on the omnibus law openly in online media and conventional newspapers. Do not let hatred be used subjectively to attack the DPR, because it is tantamount to slander.

) * The author is a contributor to the Indonesian Strategic Information Studies Institute (LSIS)

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