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The P-20 Conference Becomes an Added Value for the Indonesian Nation to Build an Advanced Democratic State


The Parliamentary Speaker Summit at G20/P20 will be held on 5-7 October 2022 in Jakarta, planned to be attended by 36 countries consisting of 20 P20 member countries and 16 non-P20 member countries along with various other international organizations whose opening will be held at the Nusantara Building, DPR/ MPR RI. 

Chairman of APINDO (Association of Indonesian Rulers), Hariyadi Sukamdani also commented on the readiness to implement the P-20. He said that related to Indonesia hosting the P-20 is something that should be appreciated. The reason is, this is a moment of achievement for the nation which is a matter of pride and an honor for Indonesia because it can be trusted to be the host of this big event. 

“My hope is that this meeting will be an added value for our own nation, which has been given the direct trust to host the P-20. This is considered because the Indonesian parliament in Indonesian democracy currently has a relatively more dominant role compared to other countries,” said Hariyadi Sukamdani. 

The Chairman of APINDO continued, in this positive activity, what needs to be built is how parliament can carry out its roles and functions which actually make our country more advanced. 

“Going forward in the sense of the word can guarantee the existence of the parliament in carrying out its roles and functions with good performance for the progress of the nation,” explained Hariyadi Sukamdani further. 

He hopes that the learning and performance of the Parliament will continue to be better in the interest of a more prosperous and prosperous Indonesian nation. 

Meanwhile, according to the Deputy Chairman of the BKSAP (Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Agency) DPR RI, Ir. Achmad Hafisz Tohir, Forum P20 Summit is designed to provide Parliamentary support for the organization and implementation of the results of the G20 meeting. 

“The G20 or Group of Twenty is the main forum for international economic cooperation consisting of countries with the largest economies in the world. Consists of 19 countries and 1 representative of the European Union. While P20 is a G20 Engagement Group consisting of the Chairs of Parliament from G20 member countries,” said Hafisz Tohir in the DPR RI Performance Communication and Socialization Forum with the theme “The Role of the Press in Succeeding the P20 Stronger Parliaments For Sustainable. 

Hafisz Tohir explained in more detail that the purpose of the P20 was to increase the dimensions of Parliament to support the global agenda. Especially those formulated at the G20 Summit. And to encourage closer interaction and cooperation between the government and parliament in implementing the results of the G20 meeting. 

He hopes that the implementation of P20 is believed to be able to provide a positive image for the Indonesian nation, as well as contribute to solving global problems due to Covid-19, namely the economic crisis, food, energy and various geopolitical issues. This is shown by various tensions between countries, such as Russia and Ukraine. 

Previously, the Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Dr. (HC) Puan Maharani appreciated President Joko Widodo’s steps in the G7 meeting and the leaders of countries that were in conflict some time ago. According to Puan, this step is in line with the mandate of the 1945 Constitution, which is to participate in carrying out world order based on freedom, eternal peace and social justice. 

Puan said that the P20 meeting with the theme ‘Stronger Parliament for Sustainable Recovery’ which will take place on 5-7 October in Jakarta is considered in line with the G20 Presidency’s theme, namely ‘Recover Together, Recover Stronger’. In the P20, four priority issues will be discussed, namely the issue of accelerating sustainable development and a green economy, food and energy security, and economic challenges, then regarding an effective parliament and dynamic democracy, to those related to social inclusion, gender equality and women’s empowerment. 

“The DPR RI will pay attention and focus on the issue of food security, which is part of the issue of sustainable development and a green economy,” explained Puan. 

According to him, the P20 agreement is a form of shared commitment that the government is trying to build a healthy and safe world, trying to build a world where everyone can live in peace.

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