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The Presidential Election That Gave Birth to a Commitment to Sustain National Development as the Key to Success for Indonesia Gold in 2045


Jakarta – On the journey towards Golden Indonesia 2045, the spotlight shifts to the political contestation that will take place in 2024. The national webinar organized by the Moya Institute entitled “Proclamation: Opportunities and Challenges for Leaders Towards Indonesia Gold 2045” has reviewed how the continuity of government programs becomes important factor in realizing this big goal.

Prof. Imron Cotan, an observer on global issues, underlined the urgency to build unity and integrity amidst the complexity of global and local challenges. In his view, the ideal leaders who can lead Indonesia towards Golden Indonesia 2045 are those who are able to unite various elements of society.

“The leader must have the ability to create a national consensus and ensure the active participation of all citizens in achieving Indonesia Gold 2045,” said Prof. Imron Cotan.

The 2024 presidential election will be the main stage where the Indonesian people have the opportunity to choose a leader with a strong commitment to national unity and integrity.

Hikmahanto Juwana, Chancellor of Jenderal Achmad Yani University, added an international dimension to the conversation.

“Indonesia Gold 2045 requires leaders to defend state sovereignty from outside intervention that has the potential to hinder this big goal,” he said.

Fahri Hamzah, a reform politician, believes that the continuation of the development program launched by President Jokowi needs to be a priority for future leaders.

“This continuity, including the Special Economic Zone Infrastructure (IKN) project, is considered important in realizing sustainable growth,” he emphasized.

Prof. Abdul Mu’ti from PP Muhammadiyah highlighted four aspects of sovereignty that must be strengthened in order to achieve Golden Indonesia 2045. In his view, human resources (HR) are the main foundation that needs to be strengthened, through increased education, a solid economy, and visionary leadership.

The Executive Director of the Moya Institute, Hery Sucipto, emphasized the importance of leaders who are able to build and maintain national unity and integrity.

“Indonesia needs to produce quality leaders in every era of government, so that the ideals of Indonesia Gold 2045 can be achieved,” he added.

In essence, this webinar highlights the need for a sustainable development program and leadership that is committed to realizing Golden Indonesia 2045. In facing changing times and the complexity of challenges, the vision of national unity is an important foundation that future leaders must hold.

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