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The relocation of the national capital has a positive impact on regional autonomy


By: Indah Saputri )*
Of course, it is hoped that the relocation of the National Capital City (IKN) from Jakarta to East Kalimantan will bring about changes for the better. One of his hopes is the positive impact of the transfer of IKN for Regional Autonomy. In Indonesia, regional autonomy is held to improve people’s welfare. Local governments also carry out developments that are tailored to their respective regions.
Previously, Jusuf Kala as the former Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia said that the relocation of the State Capital (IKN) from Jakarta to Penajam Paser Utara, East Kalimantan, could have a positive impact on regional autonomy. He is also not concerned about the polemic of moving the capital city. Moreover, the legislation, the IKN Law has been ratified at the DPR Plenary Meeting.
Meanwhile, Deputy Chairperson of KADIN (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce) for Regional Autonomy Development Sarman Simanjorang said the IKN development process would be an opportunity for domestic entrepreneurs to take part in various sectors, either as partners in providing goods and services or as investors.
According to Sarman, certain sectors that require high technology and large capital can be given to foreign investors while still being required to partner with MSMEs. The DPD Chairperson of the DKI Jakarta Indigenous Indonesian Entrepreneurs Association (HIPPI) also said that the business world also welcomed the ratification of the IKN Law, because then the process of building the new capital city in the North Penajam Paser area, East Kalimantan could begin immediately.
It is hoped that the relocation of the capital city will be able to create even distribution of economic growth in the central region of the Kalimantan region, which will also have an impact on the eastern region by increasing trade transactions between regions. The business world is also waiting for the socialization of the IKN Law and its derivative regulations, especially those relating to the business and investment opportunities offered along with the requirements, permits and mechanisms so that entrepreneurs can prepare themselves for the sectors they will enter, both in the short, medium and long term according to the target. development proclaimed in the 2020-2045 period.
Furthermore, Sarman hopes that the IKN Authority Agency which will be formed in the next two months will be filled with professional figures, having experience in the fields of service, licensing and planning, leadership and extensive networks. As we know that DKI Jakarta is currently an economic, financial, business, political and educational center which is an attraction for residents and visitors to settle down, so that this has an impact on the burdens faced by Jakarta which was initially able to support rapid urbanization, which gradually result in a decrease in environmental quality.
The election of the province of East Kalimantan as the new State Capital is of course expected to provide wider access to equitable development outside Java and to reorient development from Java-centric to Indonesia-centric. Meanwhile, the Minister of Home Affairs (MENDAGRI) Tito Karnavian also briefly said that President Jokowi’s decision to move the State Capital from Jakarta to East Kalimantan, seems to be an opportunity to predict that many people will move to the new capital city.
Tito predicts that with the relocation of around 1.5 million people to East Kalimantan, this will drive the economy. Because the movement of people, of course, requires many things, ranging from basic needs such as food, schools and shelter. This of course will create an extraordinary multiplayer effect.
The former National Police Chief said that development connectivity would be created in the new capital city. Not to mention that it will move to the new state capital. In fact, transportation connectivity will also increase through airports and ports. So that in the future there will be many direct flights from various countries to Kalimantan.
In the service sector, of course, there will be a significant increase, so that the relocation of the capital city to East Kalimantan will certainly create profit opportunities for only providers in East Kalimantan and the regions that support it. This change will of course have a positive impact on regional autonomy in East Kalimantan. Of course, Indonesia-centric development will not be a mere narrative, but will continue to echo.

)* The author is a student of IAIN Kendari

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