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The Role of Millennials in Adaptation of New Habits Towards a Healthy and Strong Indonesia


By: Ethan Narendra (Chairman of the Riau Regional Independent Social Media Activists Forum)

The millennial generation has an important role as agents of change and beacons of hope, which is to have the responsibility to become agents of change and a beacon of hope as initiators to implement the current New Habitual Adaptation (AKB) in society.

The millennial generation can start by eliminating the culture of hanging out, avoiding crowds in exercising, getting used to wearing masks, washing hands diligently, maintaining health and eating patterns, and various other positive activities. We can share these activities on various platforms that we have and invite the public, especially those closest to us, to do it too. Even though it is considered trivial, this can have a big effect on people’s social life considering that our generation dominates social media today.

It is time for millennial groups to become heroes in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, by making positive contributions, so that the names of the younger generation will be recorded in the gold ink of this nation’s history. Not just nonsense, but it is true that a fiery young soul makes hopes come true.

Currently, young people are faced with a difficult situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to young people being bombarded by a tsunami of information that can damage a person’s mental condition, especially information that is hoax or fake news and many are milling about on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Therefore, young people must be able to distinguish which information is factual and opinionated or hoax, in order to prevent the destruction of the independence and idealism of the young generation that are able to bring this nation to rise from the thousands of trials that befell them.

The role of millennials in literacy and education for the community to enter the era of New Habit Adaptation (AKB) is very much needed. Millennials must appear at the forefront of providing literacy and enlightenment to the community as the community continues to carry out standard health protocols in coexisting with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, recently community discipline has begun to loosen and many have not implemented health protocols. Even though the key to successfully preventing the spread of the Corona Virus is discipline to carry out health protocols. Not only that, implementing a healthy lifestyle is also needed to maintain stamina and endurance against all diseases.

Therefore, in current conditions it is necessary to instill the values ​​of Pancasila in every individual Indonesian society. Some of the Pancasila values ​​have played the most important role in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, namely human values ​​and the spirit of mutual cooperation.

These two values ​​must continue to be nurtured and promoted, not only in fighting Covid-19, but also in overcoming various problems that plague this country so that national unity is maintained and the goals of the nation and state can be achieved.

With the spirit of independence, the millennial generation must improve discipline in implementing health protocols to make the implementation of New Habit Adaptation (AKB) a success and jointly reject and fight hoax news for the acceleration of handling the Covid-19 pandemic.

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