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The State Must Not Lose in Facing Terrorism


By: Ahmad Harimurti) *

In the near future, Indonesia was shaken by 2 events related to terrorism. The bombings and attacks carried out by terrorist groups have jolted the public. But the state never wants to lose in facing it. Even the smallest terrorist attack, it must be paralyzed and destroyed.

Terrorism is a dangerous understanding, because it is rooted in radicalism. Terrorist groups feel themselves in the right, so they do various ways, including extreme ways. The goal is that they get what they want and attack the “enemy” with bombing, shooting, stabbing, etc. In Indonesia, terrorism is handled by BNPT and Densus 88.

The problem is that what terrorist groups consider to be enemies is the apparatus whose job it is to protect the sovereignty of the country. So that the perpetrators of terrorism must be eradicated, because of their wrong thinking. The perpetrators of terrorism have been brainwashed into believing that the government is at fault and they are in the right. Because they insist on establishing a khilafiyah state.

As in the bombing incident at a house of worship in Makassar. Terrorists believe that is true because they attack the enemy. Whereas in Indonesia, we have to respect each other between people and should not just attack. The bomb bride was tragically killed and they could not be said to have been martyred, for committing a suicide bombing.

The community’s anxiety has not disappeared after the incident in Makassar, yet another riot has occurred at the Police Headquarters. A woman dressed in black slipped through the back door and attacked Headquarters blindly. He was finally paralyzed and died at the scene of the crime. It is not clear where the woman got the gun from, because it was expensive and permits difficult.

From these two incidents, people were asked not to panic. Our country cannot be defeated by terrorism. Their threats from bombing to shooting are maneuvers. However, the police and anti-terror Special Detachment 88 have certainly put in place a strategy so that other terrorist members will be immediately arrested.

The perpetrators of the shootings and bombings were fixed terrorists, from crime scene investigations and others. temporary allegations, the shooting was carried out because the terrorist group was angry after there were arrests of its members in several places. These arrests show that the government is serious about eradicating terrorism in Indonesia, because they have committed an unforgivable crime.

The state cannot lose to terrorism and wants to eradicate their group. However, do you still continue to use fishing methods? If we look at it, after the arrest there was even a counter attack. So that this method should be corrected, so that they are caught but there is no bloody incident in the future.

The first way is to block funds for terrorist accounts. Of course, by working with the Bank and other related institutions. So that accounts involved in acts of terrorism can be immediately blocked. When there is no money they cannot buy chemicals to make bombs or get firearms from the black market.

Another way is to block the media used by terrorist groups. Currently, they have followed the times by having social media accounts such as Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram. If there is an account that is suspected of terrorism, the cyber police will investigate it and then ask the social media company to freeze the account. They lose the “stage” to spread radicalism.

Terrorist groups who are already in prison are also carrying out a deradicalization program to restore their sense of nationalism. Also pledged to be loyal to the country and recognize Pancasila, and signed it in a statement letter. Only when their detention period expires, they can be released.

Eradicating terrorism will be the government’s homework this year. However, the state must not lose in facing terrorism. This understanding must be eradicated, and terrorist groups should not be happy because they carried out attacks in the near future. They will be pursued and destroyed, the goal is to create peace in Indonesia.

) * The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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