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The success of the Booster Vaccination to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19


The government continues to intensify vaccination programs, both second and third doses to various regions in Indonesia. The community is expected to be actively involved in the program because it is effective in preventing the spread of Covid-19, which continues to mutate.

The pandemic period is not over yet and we are doing everything we can to avoid contracting Corona. For example, by complying with health protocols, maintaining immunity, and eating nutritious foods. Another effort to avoid contracting the Covid-19 virus is vaccination, because if you have an injection, you will be stronger in fighting Corona.

Vaccination must be carried out up to 3 times, aka added with a booster, which is given 3 months after the second injection. Why up to 3 times? The reason is that if you add a booster, your immunity will increase. The body will be increasingly immune to the Covid-19 virus, of course by complying with health protocols, because the pandemic period is not over yet.

A booster vaccine is needed to deal with Omicron, because if the third vaccine has been vaccinated, the body will be stronger against this new Corona variant. We must be wary of Omicron because it spreads 70 times faster than delta, so a booster vaccine is mandatory. If all Indonesian citizens have been boosted, group immunity will be formed so that the pandemic situation can be ended.

When the booster vaccine has been vaccinated, it will be safer to move around, of course, by complying with health protocols. Indeed, not all means of transportation require the appointment of a vaccine card, but there is nothing wrong with protecting yourself. The reason is because we don’t know who is healthy and who is asymptomatic, so the potential for transmission is everywhere.

The number of Corona patients has decreased. If in February 2022 it reached 36,000 people per day, then in early March 2022 ‘only’ 26,000 patients per day. However, we should not be proud because that number is still quite high. To avoid becoming the next patient, it is mandatory to vaccinate up to 3 times and obey health protocols.

After all, booster vaccines are still free of charge by the government, and this golden opportunity must be taken to stay healthy. Compare this with Singapore or other countries that charge hundreds of dollars for vaccinations. The government understands that the people’s financial condition is in flux during the pandemic, so that vaccinations are free of charge, so that they are not burdened.

The booster vaccine also has minimal Post Immunization Adverse Events (AEFI), only drowsiness and hunger, and rarely has a fever. However, as protection, after being injected with the booster vaccine, you should take paracetamol and then take a break, so workers can ask for leave for 2 days for recovery.

To find out when the booster vaccine schedule is, the method is very easy. Just open the Care Protect application and the vaccine schedule will be listed. Usually three months after the second injection there will be a ticket automatically. Then, come to the nearest hospital or clinic that provides booster vaccines and show the ticket, and queue quietly for the injection.

If you have boosted, don’t be euphoric because you have to maintain immunity by eating nutritious food and drinking 8 glasses of mineral water a day. Also obey health protocols and don’t take off your mask carelessly.

The booster vaccine is an effort to avoid contracting Omicron or other Corona variants. Let’s get vaccinated immediately when the tickets are obtained, usually 3 months after the second injection. In order to be stronger during the pandemic, it is mandatory to vaccinate and maintain body immunity by eating nutritious food and exercising diligently, as well as maintaining environmental hygiene.

Andi Saputra, Author is the Coordinator of the Gunung Kidul Literacy Forum

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