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The Sucessful of Student Vaccination Will Lead to On-Site Learning


By: Zainudin Zidane)*

Vaccination for students carried out by the Government through BIN, TNI/Polri, and other agencies is an effort to make Face-to-face Learning (PTM) a success. When students have been vaccinated, as well as their teachers, it will minimize the formation of new Corona clusters in schools.

Schools will soon be opening after more than a year forced to close due to Corona. Various preparations have been made, starting from sanitation or cleaning and spraying disinfectants inside and outside the school building, making hand washing stations, and scheduling students’ entry so that there are no crowds.

Vaccination of students is also very important so that they have good immunity, so they don’t get infected or transmit Corona at school. In addition to teachers, students must also be vaccinated, and this is indeed a requirement from President Jokowi before starting face-to-face learning. Vaccination is an effort to keep everyone healthy and free from the Covid-19 virus.

KPAI conducted a survey and the result was that the majority (88%) of students wanted to be vaccinated, while the rest were still unsure. This result is certainly encouraging because many of them are already aware of the dangers of Corona and to avoid transmission, one of which is vaccination. Meanwhile, those who are in doubt need to be educated again to understand the benefits of the covid vaccination.
Why should you vaccinate? The reason is because so far the teachers have received injections, while the number of students is certainly more than teachers. So to avoid the spread of Corona, students must also be vaccinated. Later the situation at the school will be completely safe (of course by following the health protocols as well).

In addition, vaccination also minimizes the occurrence of family clusters. The reason is because the father and mother have been vaccinated, and their children must of course have to be injected as well. So that all family members will have a good immune system and are not easily exposed to the Covid-19 virus.

The Mobile Brigade Corps also assists the government in the success of national vaccinations, especially for students. A total of 38,000 students in Depok have been injected and this event was held thanks to the initiative of Brimob. Dankorbrimob Polri, Inspector General of Police Anang Revandoko stated that this activity was in order to welcome the Goes to School Vaccination program from the government. The reason is because the government prepares face-to-face learning so students must be vaccinated before entering school.

The Goes to School Vaccination Program is in collaboration with the Depok City Education Office. The students are also happy because they can get their injections directly at school, without being confused about where to register. This is because most of the mass vaccination activities are only for those who have ID cards or are aged 17 years and over, and it is still quite rare for teenagers.

The Goes to School vaccination is a form of door to door vaccination which is being intensified by the government. The pick-up method is indeed more effective because all students will want to be injected, because all they have to do is register and sit back and wait for their turn to be injected. In addition, this program is also free because the national vaccination is 100% free by the government.

With the vaccination of students, it is hoped that face-to-face learning preparation will be more mature. So that later the students are ready to study directly in school. They can also socialize as a form of learning and improve intrapersonal skills.

Many parties participated in the success of the student vaccination program apart from medical personnel, namely Brimob and other parties. Vaccination for students over the age of 12 is being intensified so that face-to-face learning runs smoothly. There will not be a new Corona cluster because the students and teachers have been vaccinated.

)* The author is a citizen living in Depok

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