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The Urgency of Omnibus Law


By: Deka Prawira) *

The industrial sector, both formal and informal, is showing significant economic degradation, the difficulty of obtaining raw materials and the difficulty of exporting goods has forced companies to lay off employees amid the co-19 pandemic. The community also believes that the Draft Omnibus Law on Employment Law can save the large-scale economy and prevent mass layoffs.

In the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Government has appealed to employers not to lay off their employees, but the layoff statistics say differently. The government noted that there were 375,165 laid-off formal workers, 1,032,960 laid-off formal workers, 314,833 informal workers affected. A total of 1,722,958 workers were recorded.

This certainly shows the existence of a national economic crisis, especially for workers affected by layoffs without getting proper severance pay.

We all hope that after the pandemic ends, there will be a turning point so that the Indonesian economy can return to normal, workers affected by layoffs can work again and more workers will be absorbed in the industrial world.

Therefore, we need a formulation that can accelerate economic recovery in Indonesia after the co-19 pandemic.

The government has formulated an idea in the form of the Draft Omnibus Law on Employment Law, which is currently pending due to the aspirations of labor figures.

However, this discussion is expected to continue, because the Omnibus Law on Employment Law already contains regulations that allow for ease of opening a business and guarantees for workers affected by layoffs.

The Work Omnibus Law Bill is claimed to have been in accordance with the wishes of the government and the Parliament, of course the discussion will continue after each of the parties concerned explores the substance contained in the draft Bill.

Member of the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission VI Sondang Tiar Debora Tampubolon said, he was optimistic that the work copyright bill could become a turning point of the Indonesian economy which is currently being tested with the 19th plague.

Sondang said, now we know that the country’s economic conditions are experiencing such a great contraction. Therefore, this can be one of the steps that can be taken by the government and the Parliament to accelerate or accelerate if the co-19 pandemic is completed.

Every year, there are only 2.5 million jobs available, even though there are 7 million people looking for work. This certainly requires regulations that can cut the convoluted bureaucracy, so it is very possible to increase the acceleration of the economy nationally if the Employment Copyright Bill is passed into law.

Omnibus labor law is a draft law that includes more than one aspect combined into one law as a form of government efforts to encourage investment and MSME growth, so that it is expected to increase the number of new jobs.

Yose Rizal as Head of the Department of Economics’s Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) assessed that the Omnibus Law Draft Employment Copyright (Ciptaker) as one of the right steps to create quality jobs. This bill is also considered able to improve the quality of Indonesian workers so that this will affect the demand and wages of workers.

This means that if the Omnibus Law on Employment Copyright is passed into law, then the community will be easier to open or develop business and more new jobs will be created.

We also have to pay attention, that in the Work Draft Bill, there is a regulation that is not found in Law number 13 of 2003 concerning Employment, which is the guarantee of job loss.

The bill also covers the Job Loss Guarantee (JKP), which of course is beneficial for workers / workers who are forced to be laid off, where later the workers will get an allowance, vocational training and access to placement.

The large number of layoffs in Indonesia has of course become a national crisis, this will certainly have an impact on the delays in public loan installments to maturity.

So, we can be sure that the formulation initiated by the government through the Omnibus Law on Employment Law is something that is important to get support from many parties, the goal is none other than improving the nation’s economy.

) * The writer is a citizen, active in the Cikini Student Press Circle

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