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Thoroughly Investigate FPI’s Engagement with the Terror Network


By: Firza Ahmad) *

A number of suspected terrorists indicated that they were linked to the FPI banned mass organization. The community supports the thorough investigation of FPI’s involvement with the terror network.

The Islamic Defenders Front has become an organization that no longer has a license, meaning that de jure this mass organization is no longer registered. Even so, the ideology adhered to is still left and it is possible that the former FPI members will repeat the brutality of the previous year.

Political observer Prof. Dr. Hermawan Sulistyo said the police must investigate the existence of members and former members of FPI who were involved in terrorism networks. This tracing effort is of course aimed at preventing terrorism from spreading and growing.

Head of the Center for Police Science Research and Terrorism Studies at the University of Indonesia who is also the daily chairman of the National Police Commission (Kompolnas), Benny Mamoto, revealed that around 37 FPI members had been implicated in terrorism. They are members of the Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD) and the East Indonesian Mujahidin (MIT).

Seeing the large number of FPI members and former members who are involved in terrorism, of course the government should not be careless and must immediately conduct a study, whether FPI is part of the terrorism network and if it is proven, of course it is appropriate not to get an operational permit.

The allegation of FPI’s involvement in terrorist groups cannot be taken lightly. Especially after Syaiful Basri confessed, a terrorist who claimed to be a former member of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Laskar in 1998. S

He also knew about the bomb-making plans carried out by Husein Hasni and Zulaimi Agus. The former subordinate of Habib Rizieq admitted that he wanted to blow up the gas station because of the arrest of Rizieq Shihab.

Apart from that, Syaiful also participated in the pledge of allegiance to the ulama and did not betray Habib Husein Hasni’s group which was held at a prayer room near UIN South Tangerang, Banten.

Then, Syaiful bought and prepared an explosive mixture in the form of charcoal with Naufal on the orders of Bambang Setiono. Meanwhile, the target for the manufacture of explosives is the Pertamina gas station owned by China gas pipelines on Jalan Raya Bogor.

This was carried out as a form of terror so that the state felt loss as a form of the process of arresting Rizieq Shihab

In fact, he also participated in survey activities at the location of the blasting target, namely the gas pipeline in the Bogor highway with Bambang and Naufal.

Apart from Syaiful, a number of terrorist suspects arrested in Jakarta also claimed to be FPI sympathizers. The Densus 88 Anti-terror will experience this recognition.

Brigadier General Rusdi Hartono as Karo Penmas, Police Public Relations Division, said Densus 88 will solve the problem of terrorism.

Previously, Densus 88 Anti-terror had arrested a number of terrorists after the suicide bombing at the Cathedral Church, Makassar, South Sulawesi. The arrests were made in several places, including in Jakarta, Bekasi and South Tangerang.

At least five people have been arrested in connection with the terrorist network. After being questioned by the police, the four terrorists made a surprising confession.

Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol. Yusri Yunus conveyed that the link between suspected terrorists and FPI was also being traced through evidence obtained during the arrest operation.

Investigators also investigated the link between the suspected terrorists and the bomb that occurred at the Makassar Cathedral Church. This is because, at the residence of the suspected terrorist himself, five active bombs with a large explosive power were found.

In addition, one of the terrorist suspects, Ahmad Junaidi, said that he was actively participating in the recitations of former FPI leaders.

Then, another suspected terrorist named Bambang Setiono said that he had been a sympathizer for the FPI since December 2020. Bambang admitted that he made explosives from Sukabumi and planned to attack the gas station with Molotov cocktails.

Of course, this plan is too brave, especially since the petrol station that is attacking provides the basic material in the form of fuel.

Perhaps, there is no link between the FPI as an organization and the terrorist group, even though both of them often make the atmosphere of the nation messy.

Of course whoever makes bombs to cause trouble to seek government attention, is none other than himself a lonely terrorist and looking for new members. ) * The author is a citizen living in Bogor

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