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By : Rashka Pratama )*

The presence of the corona virus lately has made people around the world worry. This is because the number of victims exposed to the corona virus is increasing, so there are various ways to anticipate avoiding the corona virus. Starting from wearing a mask, not traveling far, washing hands, and maintaining diet. Because, the article of the corona virus is a virus that can kill mamun can also be anticipated and cured.

If you see from the point of view of health, that the cause of the corona virus is a new type of virus from the coronavirus that is transmitted to humans. This virus was discovered in the Chinese city of Wuhan in late December 2019. This corona virus can cause infections of the human respiratory system. Usually the symptoms of humans affected by the corona virus, namely fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. Corona virus can be prevented in several ways. With a healthy lifestyle, washing hands in running water with soap, reducing contact or physical contact with parties who have potential when interacting in public places.

In Indonesia alone many people have been prepared to face the plague. Moreover President Joko Widodo has informed that there are citizens who are positively infected by Corona Virus. Because Indonesia is a country which is quite risky to be the place to spread the corona virus. Because, has many entrances for migrants from abroad. Therefore, the community must increase their awareness of corona virus transmission.

Let’s together prevent the spread of the Corona virus by washing hands and consuming healthy intake for a strong body immunity against the Corona virus outbreak. Thus the community, especially citizens, must remain intelligent, by becoming citizens who are not easily possessed by the disinformation alias hoax content related to the Corona outbreak and provide examples of healthy living. So that it can create conducivity in the community. Moreover, the government is currently trying to anticipate the increasing number of victims of the Corona virus epidemic quickly and professionally. Come on, let’s work together to help the corona virus.

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