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Together with Indonesia, Papua is Progressing and Prosperous Through the Special Autonomy Program Volume 2


By: Halimatussyadiah (South Tangerang City Citizen)

As indicated by the government’s plan to strengthen Special Autonomy by continuing in the second phase, this is a good signal for Papuans. The reason is, the program provides many positive things and encourages significant changes to Papuans who are often victims of injustice.

On the other hand, we must have heard a lot of things that are uncomfortable for Papuans through online portals or social media, even though the treatment of fellow Indonesians should be equal because they are part of Indonesia too. The basis of our country, Pancasila, has also taught us to live as a nation and state without discriminating against cultural backgrounds.

Therefore, with the many diversity that exists in Indonesia ranging from nation, language, ethnicity, religion and race, of course, we all have to respect each other. With the Special Autonomy Volume 2 program, it will certainly have a good impact, such as equitable distribution of infrastructure development and qualified education for Papuans. This encourages the progress of the Indonesian sector by giving birth to a young generation who can advance this country.

The impact of Special Autonomy Volume 1 has also been proven to benefit the people of Papua. Citizens, especially millennials, should care about the development of the Special Autonomy issue which is being fought for for a more prosperous life.

Meanwhile, the plan for the implementation of Otsus Volume 2 has been supported by all Indonesian people, because through the program that has been running in Otsus Volume 1, the community has increasingly put their trust in the government that this program will run according to its original purpose without any fraud.

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