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UMKM Support the National Economy


By: Rahmat Efendi)*

Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are one of the important sectors that contribute to supporting the national economy. The government also continues to strive to raise MSMEs in order to move the economy back.

National economic revival is, of course, a shared responsibility. Not only in one sector that is able to support this, but there is interrelated cooperation, one sector with another. For example, in the field of MSMEs, which turned out to be able to contribute to large and dominating economic growth.

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy or Menparekraf Sandiaga Salahudin Uno also stated that MSMEs have an important role in supporting the Indonesian economy even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic situation. The proof is that MSMEs are recorded to be able to contribute up to almost IDR 9,000 trillion.

Sandiaga added that MSMEs also contributed to creating jobs with a percentage of 97% of all employment in Indonesia. MSME actors are also the drivers of 62% of the country’s economy. Economic actors in Indonesia are also dominated by creative workers with a percentage of 70%.

On a different occasion, Sandiaga explained that the key to economic recovery is closely related to health protocols. Reflecting on tourist destinations during the New Year holidays gives quite good results. Namely, the existence of discipline, compliance with the process that can be appreciated. Moreover, the momentum of the new year has become something new in the midst of this pandemic. Namely, to anticipate how to travel but still with strict procedures through the help of the PeduliLindung application. For information, Ragunan and Ancol tourist destinations get a pre-registration system.

There are also quite encouraging achievements, namely, several provinces are reported to be able to implement the control of the health protocol. Among them are North Kalimantan, Riau Islands, Central Sulawesi, Maluku, and Bali.

For example, the economic recovery in Bali which also comes from MSMEs and the tourism sector. Bali, began to be opened to the public but still with strict procedures. Bali, which had experienced closure, is now starting to get back on its feet. It is not impossible that other regions will soon follow. Thus, the more MSMEs that come back to life, the faster Indonesia’s economic revival will be achieved.

This report and achievements of course also cover the MSME sector with various fields. In the tourism industry, there are many supporting MSMEs which are able to support the course of tourism itself. Not only buying and selling products, but villa-class services, hotels of course also contribute.

In fact, small booths such as food and beverage services are not spared from this contribution. Therefore, the government is reluctant to ignore the problem. The government is also thinking about how to boost Parekraf to make it more advanced. Of course, the connection is still about generating national economic stability.
On its way, the MSME sector began to find a way to get back up. The application of buying delivery orders to take away, is now increasingly crowded and in demand by the public. Now, they are more aware of how to shop for necessities and services but still be safe and comfortable.

MSME actors have made good use of the economic digitization trend. By optimizing the use of this technology, MSMEs are expected to be able to survive and absorb a lot of workers. On the other hand, the Government continues to build a digital ecosystem and provide stimulus for MSME players, especially those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
The community fully supports the Government’s efforts in advancing MSMEs. With the strengthening of MSMEs, many job opportunities will be opened again and people’s welfare can be maintained.

)* The author is a citizen living in Bandung

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