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Unemployment Absorption Job Creation Act


By: Lisa Pamungkas) *

During the Covid-19 pandemic, unemployment became a big problem because more and more people lost their jobs. The global economic crisis caused companies to collapse due to decreasing purchasing power. The government is trying to absorb unemployment by drafting a Job Creation Law that makes it easier for foreign investment to enter, thus opening job vacancies.

Unemployment is a terrible problem because if it continues it will create several social problems. Among other things, the crime rate will increase because some are concerned about how to make money. In addition, a lot of unemployment will increase poverty, because there is no source of money. If many yagn unemployed then Indonesia could drop back to the poor countries.

Minister Airlangga H artarto stated that the number of unemployed is currently 5% of the workforce. The unemployed are not only those who graduated from college, but also alumni of SMK. Therefore, the government issued a Job Creation Law as a solution to overcome the high unemployment rate.

Airlangga added, as many as 2.5 million unemployed will get new jobs, thanks to the Job Creation Law. In that sense, there will be a positive domino effect when this law is applied in the field. Because there are investment clusters, the easiest class to do business, and other clusters that advance the business world.

Foreign investment is very important because they have strong capital to create a company. So when MSME entrepreneurs have an idea but still don’t have the money to make it happen , the way is to collaborate with foreign investors. That way, companies will stand up and absorb a lot of unemployed, because they need employees.

Rosan Roeslani from Kadin stated that the Job Creation Law nourished the business world and improved the business climate. In the sense that in the articles, there will be facilities that enable entrepreneurs to do business smoothly. So that the effect, the company is progressing and recruiting many new employees, so that unemployment decreases.

Rosan added that the Job Creation Law which facilitates investment can encourage investors to enter. Due to the fact that so far they prefer Thailand, Malaysia and other neighboring countries to invest. However, with the ease of investment, they entered Indonesia without hesitation.

Investors are not only focused on creating companies that process natural resources, but also in other fields such as IT. Like 2 start- up companies that finally succeeded in becoming Unicorns , thanks to the support of investors. So that the entry of investors is a positive thing, because they can also absorb unemployment in Indonesia.

In addition, the Job Creation Law also has an ease of doing business cluster. So that it is easier for MSME entrepreneurs to obtain business permits. This permit is very important because when going to export is very much needed. When it is successful in exporting, the company will grow big, need more employees, and unemployment will decrease.

When everyone has a steady job and a monthly salary, then they’ll be happy. Because no longer confused when buying groceries. Crime has decreased because no one is blind and reckless to steal because they ran out of money in their wallets. The country will be safe, prosperous and peaceful.

In addition, purchasing power will increase because everyone has money to meet their daily needs. As a result, the market is busy again and the wheels of the economy move quickly. Indonesia will be safe from the threat of economic crisis volume 2 and we are optimistic that it will return to its former state.

The Cipta Karya Law has a positive impact on absorbing unemployment, because there are several regulations that make it easier for them to find work. That way, Indonesia will survive the recession. We will rise again in terms of financial and social, and also strive to be a developed country in the future.

) * The author is active in the Cikini Press and Student Circle

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