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Unika Atmaja Economic Observer Says Job Creation Law Strengthens Food Sovereignty


Economic observer at Unika Atmajaya, Rosdiana Sijabat emphasized that the Job Creation Law was made with the aim of encouraging the economy and competitiveness for foreign investors to be better. The reason is that so far, various license services in doing business or investing have been contributed by various problems to make it simpler.

According to him, what is the fear of the community, especially farmers, fishermen, from the Job Creation Law is that the incoming foreign investment will shift the availability of foodstuffs from farmers and the government prefers the import method.

“From an economic perspective, namely supply and demand, that imports are a common thing. This means that when the availability of domestic foodstuffs is insufficient, a solution must be found through imports, and that is explained in the Job Creation Law, “Rosdiana said in a virtual discussion with the theme” Job Creation Law in Food Sovereignty, “Friday (23/10/2020 ).

Thus, Rosdiana said, reiterating that the purpose of the Job Creation Law is to simplify regulations, especially licensing in a number of clusters, not only workers, entrepreneurs but also farmers, fishermen.

Rosdiana also explained that during the Covid-19 pandemic and the provincial government, the regency implemented social restrictions, instead the availability of food was in good condition. Although there are seven provinces experiencing a deficit, there are some provinces / cities that have a surplus. However, globally, food availability has increased in mid-2020 and the second quarter has decreased due to supply disruptions.
“The availability of foodstuffs until the end of 2020 and early 2021 is safe, therefore I think the Job Creation Law strengthens food stability. With the target in 2045 to be the top three world economies, “he said.

At the same place, Graha Abadi Pasyman, Ambassador of Millennial Farmers, Ministry of Agriculture, hopes that the Job Creation Law can strengthen farmers’ food sovereignty and security by promoting agricultural products that can compete globally. []

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