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Vaccination Booster The Ultimate Protection for Travelers


By: Edlin Ramadhani )*

The requirement for booster vaccination for travelers is considered appropriate. In addition to the strict procedure, the booster vaccination is believed to be the main protection for travelers in the midst of increasing community mobility.

Ramadan has come and is followed by Eid. In the midst of a pandemic, we fast patiently. However, there is good news during Ramadan this year because people are allowed to go home, after 2 years they were prohibited from going home because at that time Corona cases were high.

The requirements for going home are also easy because people are only required to carry out a Corona booster vaccine before leaving, and there is no need for a PCR or rapid test before a long trip. This requirement is quite easy because many hospitals provide booster injection and it is still free of charge by the government.

Spokesperson for the vaccination of the Ministry of Health, doctor Siti Nadia Tarmizi stated, “The booster vaccine, aka the third injection, is an important protection for travelers traveling back and forth for Lebaran 2022. The function of vaccination is to minimize the impact of illness when exposed to Corona.”

In a sense, the booster is important because it is the main protection for travelers so they don’t catch the Corona virus. However, after being vaccinated, if your body is tired and your immunity goes down, you forget not to wear a mask, and you have comorbidities, you can catch the Covid-19 virus with mild symptoms. If the patient has had a booster injection, it minimizes the pain due to Corona.

According to some people who have had severe symptoms of Corona and at that time had not been vaccinated, their bodies were really suffering. Starting from dizziness, weakness, to shortness of breath, all felt for 14 days. Throat is so sore that it is difficult to swallow and cold sweat appears.

However, if a person has been vaccinated, it becomes a protector from such pain. If his immunity is low due to fatigue when going home with a private vehicle and the distance is far, then he has Corona but only mild symptoms. In fact, it just feels like catching a common cold and recovering quickly after taking medicine and self-isolation.

Protection from booster vaccines is very important because when going home means there is simultaneous mobility. Even though we know for ourselves that this can trigger the spread of Corona. However, with a booster vaccine and disciplined health protocols, it will be safe and will not increase the number of Corona patients in Indonesia.

Especially when we go home, we move from cities to villages and have the potential to carry the virus. However, if you have been vaccinated, it will be safe because the body’s immunity is high and it is not easy to get Corona. However, as a precaution, the day before going home, it is better to do a rapid or PCR test independently, to be sure that you are really negative for Corona.

Currently conditions are conducive and the number of Corona patients as of March 31, 2022 is 3,330 patients. If we continue to be disciplined in health protocols and vaccinate Covid-19 up to 3 times, we are optimistic that the number of patients will continue to decline. So you can go home safely because it is protected by a booster.

Come on, immediately booster if you haven’t got it and usually automatically 3 months after the second vaccine injection, an invitation will appear in the care to protect application. Immediately go to the nearest hospital for an injection, because the maximum distance per vaccine injection is only 6 months.

Booster vaccinations for travelers are an effort to protect the public and prevent an increase in Covid-19 cases. The public is urged to immediately follow the vaccination program, so that going home safely from the Covid-19 virus can be realized.

)* The author is a contributor to the Gunung Kidul Literacy Forum

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