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Warganet and the Papuan Millennial Generation Are Ready to Guard and Support the Ratification of Special Autonomy Volume 2


By: Natalius Maniagasi (Papuan Student in Kendari City)

The Papuan people interpret Special Autonomy ( Otsus ) as an effort to develop Papua because apart from building infrastructure, Human Resources (HR) is also being developed. This of course will automatically improve the quality of Papua’s Human Resources and Natural Resources (SDA) in the hope that the Earth of Cendrawasih is widely known as Indonesia’s mainstay region.

President Jokowi has issued Presidential Instruction No. 9 of 2020 regarding the acceleration of the welfare-based development of Papua and West Papua for Papuan Indigenous People (OAP). This policy shows the central government’s concern and alignment with the Papuan people.

The Special Autonomy policy also reflects President Jokowi’s commitment to accelerating and bringing people in the two provinces (Papua and West Papua) closer to prosperity. Increasing justice and equitable development, including the implementation of Special Autonomy to accelerate the settlement of substantive issues as stated in Articles 45 and 46 of Law No. 21/2001. All of this is in order to end violence and conflict in Papua so that the Papuan people will believe and believe that there is a guarantee for their future within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

It shows that true with their Autonomy provides many good things needed by the people in Papua. Without the encouragement of the Indonesian people and all other elements, Otsus will not run smoothly.

Apart from Papua, the central government is now also involving the Papuan people to jointly build the nation, through a number of programs. Therefore, Otsus continued to give full rights to indigenous Papuans to build the beloved Earth of Cendrawasih . 

The public is increasingly putting their trust in the government that this program will run according to its original purpose without any fraud. Counting the number of netizens who support the continuation of Otsus or Special Autonomy Volume 2, Bumi Cenderawasih should be guarded by every element of the Indonesian nation.

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