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Watch out for KAMI as a Treason Movement


WE insist that this organization has no political aims. However, people are smart and able to recognize their mode of vilifying the government. There were even indications of treason in the coalition that was declared on August 18 yesterday. Because they demanded that the president be removed.

When WE made a declaration at the Proclamation Monument in mid-August, the public was amazed, why did the senior figures unite in harmony? However, all the positive stigma dissipated when they read out OUR 10 demands to the government. Because Indonesia cannot be saved if people only blame each other.

The public is getting tired of the babbling of OUR members who are increasingly unclear and can only make hate speech speeches but meaningless. Why do they hate the government so much, especially President Joko Widodo? The first guess, they feel nervous because their idol lost 2 times in a row. Namely in the 2014 and 2019 presidential elections.

Second, WE have the ambition to have one of its members become president in the upcoming presidential election in 2024. So they are increasingly badmouthing the government because there is a fear that there will be changes in regulations regarding the presidential term. Because Jokowi has served two times. Even though it is impossible for him to change the rules regarding the term of office, because it is already bound by law.

WE also indicated treason because they insisted on holding a special session so that the president was removed from his position. According to politician Kapitra Ampera, these demands make it clear that WE are only an organization that wants to commit treason but wraps it up with a moral movement. Very cunning and shameless.

Is it Jokowi’s fault that he must be impeached? According to constitutional law expert Feri Amsari, a president can be removed on the condition that he is proven to be corrupt, has committed a disgraceful act, has been subject to a serious criminal case, or has betrayed the state. He also had to resign when it was proven that he was bribed and did not meet the physical and mental requirements of being president.

The reality is that our president has never made these fatal mistakes. So he cannot be forced to resign. If we see from many of our members, it turns out that they were active in the 2019 movement to replace the president that failed. So now continue to demand under the guise of a moral movement like WE.

If WE say that the government cannot manage the country, where is the mistake? The proof is that we can still survive during a pandemic. Prices of basic necessities are still stable and stocks are always available in the market and minimarkets. People’s purchasing power has not decreased, many have even bought imported bicycles and other expensive items.

Likewise with OUR accusations that the government cannot overcome the effects of the corona storm. In fact, all parties, from doctors, businessmen, to ordinary people have received assistance. Health workers receive additional honoraria in addition to the official salary. MSME entrepreneurs get additional capital and tax deductions, and reduce loan interest.

The unemployed can get skills by joining the pre-employment card program. Meanwhile, many people received BLT from the government, in the form of cash or food packages. If the government is this good, why is it still under suspicion? So it is clear that OUR hatred of President Jokowi is based only on exaggerated personal reasons.

The impeachment of a president is a crazy idea because if the leader of a country is suddenly replaced, there could be chaos. The program that was already planned could be damaged by being stopped by the next leader. Ministers can be replaced and have consequences for ministries. The people are getting more and more confused because the state feels like it has gone away.

Therefore, WE must be cautious because it is proven that we want to overthrow the government and impeach the president, without any logical reason. Instead of getting sympathy, they became laughter because they wanted to replace the president who was loved by the people. Don’t be easily provoked by their babbling.

By: Aditya Akbar) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Student

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