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Corona virus pandemic which still attacks almost all countries in the world and continues to make many parties nervous, including Indonesia. This encourages Indonesia to conduct research and trials to immediately find a powerful antidote. The President is very serious in handling Covid-19 by giving five directions related to the adaptation of new habits. The direction is in the form of the importance of applying strict preconditions. Second, the policies issued are decided by careful analysis. Third, the president also reminded the importance of careful preparation regarding the gradual opening of various sectors. The fourth directive is to strengthen coordination and consolidation between the central government, regional governments, to the RT level. Fifth, the president requests that regular evaluations be carried out.

Until now the spread of the covid-19 pandemic was really massive so it was difficult to break the chain or eliminate it quickly. The existence of a rapid mass test, in several regions or a surge in positive cases covid-19 is a concrete proof of the government in handling Covid-19. Last June, the government through the State Intelligence Agency, National Disaster Management Authority, Airlangga University announced that they had found a drug that could cure Covid-19.

The birth of covid-19 drug is one of the big steps taken by the government to accelerate the reduction in the number of victims who fall due to covid-19 disease. The drug is a mixture of five drugs that have been registered with National Agency of Drug and Food Control. The five drug combinations are loprinavir-ritonavir-azithromycin, loprinavir-ritonavir-doxycycline, loprinavir-ritonavir-clarithomycin, hydroxyclorokuin-azithromycin, and hydroxychlorokuin-doxycycline. This drug combination has been shown to have effectiveness to prevent the entry of viruses, inhibit replication, and prevent viruses from multiplying.

The Airlangga University research team has conducted a toxicity and effectiveness combination test on the five regimens of the drug combination. You do this by growing various types of cells that are targeted by viruses, such as lung cells, kidney cells, trachea cells, and liver cells, as a place to grow SARS-CoV-2 virus cells. Although this is a good start in the discovery of the Covid-19 drug, it is best for the public to never conduct their own combination of the five drugs. In addition to the uncertain dosage of drugs, the combination of drugs carelessly is also very dangerous for health. Covid-19 drug made by State Intelligence Agency in collaboration with National Disaster Management Authority, and Airlangga University, has undergone clinical trials and has been directly consumed by covid-19 sufferers. The users of these drugs show healthy symptoms after taking them.

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