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Young Generation Must Participate Against Radicalism


By: Zainudin Zidane)*

Society, especially the younger generation, has a vital role in countering radicalism. Millennials have a strong spirit and creativity so that their thinking is effective in reducing the spread of this forbidden understanding.

Radical groups are looking for new prey to become cadres so that there can be regeneration, and they deliberately want to attract the younger generation to join in and take allegiance. The reason is because young people are looking for identity and can be influenced, with their wits. However, there are also contemporaries who already understand the dangers of radicalism and want to prevent its expansion in Indonesia.

The Nusantara Student Executive Board (BEM), which consists of several campus elements, expressed its vigilance against radicalism and intolerance. The students tried to prevent radicalism from entering the university. The way to do this is to carry out stricter supervision.

In a sense, currently radicalism has infiltrated universities, usually through student activity units. If there is only one student who suspects strange activities and reports to BEM, an investigation will be carried out and if proven, the modus operandi of a radical group will be uncovered.

Supervision like this is very important because radical groups infiltrate very subtly. If he is rejected at Campus A, he will go to Campus C and so on. The modes also vary, ranging from motivational seminars, approaching students personally by lending books, etc. In the end, they are seduced into taking allegiance and this is already at a dangerous level, therefore it must be prevented with strict supervision.

Apart from supervision, prevention of radicalism is also carried out by holding seminars on anti-radicalism, terrorism, and intolerance. This event was held not only for new students or during the campus introduction period, but also for students in the upper class.

With anti-radicalism seminars, students will understand the dangers of radicalism. Today radical and terrorist groups really exist and are not just news in the newspapers. They will understand that radical groups are targeting students because as a young generation, they are potential leaders of the nation. So that if young people are poisoned by radicalism, they can become radical leaders.

Students must understand that the mission of radical groups is to form a caliphate state. If they have been poisoned by radicalism or have a friend who is a director by a radical group, it is dangerous because in the future he can be on fire to reach high positions and create a caliphate. In fact, this understanding is not suitable for the pluralistic Indonesian society.

Another way to prevent radicalism among students is to make an anti-radicalism Ambassador performance. This event is not like choosing a model but looking for young people who are serious about defending the nation through preventing radicalism. If there is an ambassador, he will often remind about the dangers of radicalism and intolerance through social media, so that more and more people are aware of the dangers.

Such precautions are important because young people do not become members of radical groups. Students should study diligently and organize on campus. Instead of getting involved in radicalism and finally going to jihad by becoming a bridal bomb. They should have a bright future, not brainwashed and become victims of radical groups and terrorists.

Students can be very effective agents of preventing radicalism because they have high enthusiasm and creativity, so that this understanding does not spread throughout Indonesia. Radicalism is very dangerous and can destroy a nation. Therefore, the students are trying hard so that radicalism does not poison the minds of young people.

)* The author is a contributor to the Nusa Bangsa Institute

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