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Young People Have an Important Role in the Success of the G20 Summit


By: Adhita Wijayanti)*

The G20 Summit is an international event and Indonesia has the great honor of being the host. This event needs support from all parties, including the younger generation who have an important role to participate in enlivening and making the event a success.

The G20 Forum is a prestigious event because it is the first time it has been held in Indonesia. In this 2022 G20 Summit, the theme is Recover Together, Recover Stronger. All members of the G20 are working together to help recover from the pandemic. Therefore, the G20 Summit must be successful, so that its mission is successful and overcomes the global crisis together.

To make the G20 Summit a success, cooperation from various parties is needed, one of which is the youth. Young people have an important role because they have high creativity, so they can make this event viral throughout the world. If the G20 Summit is successful, it will affect Indonesia’s reputation internationally.

Special Staff for Priority Programs for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Co-Sherpa G20 Indonesia, Dian Triansyah Djani, stated that the role of youth is very important as a catalyst for steps taken by world leaders. The power of youth can raise awareness and initiate collaboration.

Djani added that the public, especially the younger generation, are expected to support the G20 Summit. This is done by supporting various Indonesian showcasing events and spreading positive news via social media. In a sense, when there is an event like that, teenagers should attend it to provide support. In this way, they love their own culture and are praised by the G20 delegation.

Young people are expected to make the G20 Summit viral on social media to make this event more successful. If news about this forum continues to echo on the internet, it will promote the importance of the G20 Summit. This event is very vital because it concerns the interests of many countries and enhances collaboration, so that it can overcome the impact of the global pandemic.

Presidential Special Staff Billy Mambrasar invites young Indonesians to get involved and make the G20 Summit a success. According to him, there are 3 ways that can be done by the youth. The first is to provide input both ideas, criticisms, and solutions. Second, by maintaining Indonesia’s identity as the organizer of the G20 Summit. The third is the realization of the action after the G20 summit is completed.

Ideas, criticisms, and solutions for the G20 Summit can be submitted through Indonesia Youth Diplomacy, as the official forum of Y20. Meanwhile, Y20 is a global forum specifically for young people from G20 participants who discuss solutions and the future of the world. When youth from many countries share and collaborate, it will be a force to change the future for the better.

Why should the youths who gather at Y20? The reason is because they have an overflow of energy and creativity. Collaborating would be great and the programs could be submitted to the G20 forum. Then it will be practiced and overcome various problems in the world, for example overcoming the impact of the pandemic on the economy, dropping out of school, and so on.

The youths also maintain Indonesia’s identity as the G20 Presidency by displaying Indonesian culture. They are proud of the identity of their own country and are able to display art from Indonesia. For example with traditional dances, folk songs, and others.

Young people are expected to take an active part in the success of the G20 Summit, don’t ignore it. They can join Y20 and collaborate with young people around the world, to overcome various post-pandemic problems. With the involvement of Youth, the G20 Summit is expected to be more optimal and run successfully.

)* The author is a Literacy activist in Purwokerto

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