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Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Summit: Forum Encouraging International Solidarity in Handling Maritime Issues


Bali – The Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum High Level Conference (Summit) which will be held on 10-11 October 2023 in Bali, Indonesia, will be a stage for island and archipelagic countries to strengthen international solidarity in overcoming common challenges in the maritime sector.

The main theme of the 2023 AIS Forum Summit is “Fostering, Collaboration Enabling Innovation for Our Ocean and Our Future”, with three important aspects: blue economic development, the challenge of climate change, and strengthening solidarity between island and archipelagic countries, the AIS Forum is present in facilitating international collaboration , including joint research in the field of research and development, as well as empowering MSMEs and startups in various AIS countries.

Holding the 2023 AIS Forum Summit in Bali is a big step for Indonesia, by acting as an initiator in dealing with global issues related to maritime affairs.

“The 2023 AIS Forum Summit will not only be a place for discussion, but will also have a concrete impact in responding to the challenges of island and archipelagic countries,” said Assistant Deputy for Delimitation of Maritime Zones and Border Areas at the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Sora Lokita.

The AIS Forum, which aims to provide solutions to problems faced by island and island countries, emphasizes the importance of collaboration in overcoming global issues such as climate change, the blue economy, handling plastic waste at sea, and good maritime governance.

“Island and island countries often face similar problems in the maritime context. One example is climate change which causes sea levels to rise. “Therefore, the AIS Forum emphasizes the need for collective efforts to overcome these issues,” explained the Head of the AIS Forum Secretariat, Riny Modaso.

In supporting the smooth implementation of the AIS Summit, the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemkominfo) has ensured that telecommunications infrastructure will run smoothly during the AIS Forum.

According to the Director General of Information and Public Communication at the Ministry of Communication and Information, Usman Kansong, the telecommunications network during the AIS Forum Summit will function well for the needs of delegates and the media. The Ministry of Communication and Information is working with Telkom to ensure smooth telecommunications access during the event.

“We can ensure that the telecommunications network during the AIS Forum Summit runs smoothly, both for delegation purposes and for media purposes,” said Usman.

Usman also revealed that mitigation measures had been prepared to overcome potential obstacles such as network disruption or disconnection and communication jamming.

“So that’s what we do and it becomes our standard in every international event that definitely involves PDSI and BSSN for cyber security. “So this is the same standard as the last G20 or ASEAN Summit,” he said.

It is hoped that this international meeting will establish the AIS Forum as a sustainable organization with a long-term activity roadmap. With the involvement of dozens of island and archipelago countries as well as a number of international organizations, the 2023 AIS Forum Summit will be an important moment in joint efforts to face future maritime challenges.

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