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BIN, TNI and Polri are involved in securing the AIS summit in Bali


Denpasar— The Indonesian National Army (TNI), the Indonesian National Police (Polri), and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) are involved in securing the Archipelagic and Island States Summit or AIS Summit in Bali.

BIN itself has previously been involved in various international events. Such as the G20 Summit, the 42nd ASEAN Summit in Labuan Bajo, and the 43rd ASEAN Summit in Jakarta. Security by BIN is of course expected to provide a sense of security to the delegates.

At the AIS Summit which was held on 10-11 October 2023, security forces even deployed up to 15,581 personnel.

Regarding this matter, Pangkogabwilhan II Marsdya TNI Andyawan Martono Putra explained that collaboration and coordination continue to be improved.

“There are 15,581 personnel involved from the TNI, 11 thousand from the TNI and four thousand from the Police. “We collaborate and coordinate and work together to secure the 2023 AIS Forum Summit,” he said.

Furthermore, Andyawan revealed that the troop rally which was also attended by thousands of other stakeholders was aimed at checking the readiness of personnel and all materials for the task of securing the AIS Summit.

He was then very confident that with the various successes that had been achieved by Indonesia in holding various international events, it was clear that BIN, TNI and Polri were ready to secure the 2023 AIS Forum Summit.

“We have shown the world our capacity to secure large and complex international scale events. “I believe in the abilities and fighting spirit of every individual personnel here,” he said.

To accompany the VVIP delegation guests at the AIS Summit, the National Police has prepared 103 electric vehicles.

Head of the National Police Traffic Corps Inspector General Pol. Firman Shantyabudi detailed that the electric vehicles consisted of 45 cars and 58 motorbikes.

“The two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles deployed for VVIP BKO to Paspampres all use battery power. “Others, we still combine because not all official cars (use batteries),” he said.

To make the delegation’s journey smoother, the National Police Traffic Corps has also formed an escort task force, route control and a parking task force.

“Second, the route task force. For this task force, we held it from the airport to the venue. “This venue can be interpreted as accommodation, meeting place, for dinner it will be divided into 16 traffic areas, each commanded by an officer in charge of several non-commissioned officers,” he said.

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