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Appreciate Success Government get over it Covid-19 pandemic


By : Gema Iva Kirana )*

Government has official unplug Enforcement programme Restrictions Community Activities (PPKM) on Friday (30/12). the decision Becomes sign that government has succeed control the Covid-19 pandemic .

Revocation of PPKM by the Government get welcome wide from society . Success this of course just proper appreciated , because believed will boost activity society and economy national . Despite thus , the Government keep going invite Public for always obey Prokes and follow Covid-19 booster vaccination remember the Covid-19 pandemic yet ended .

decision for has revoked the PPKM based on various studies , incl Indonesia ‘s success controls the Covid-19 pandemic . Indonesia ‘s success in resolve pandemic apparently has heard in the Assembly General Union Nations (UN).

         Abdulla Shahid as President Assembly The United Nations general gives appreciation on effort handling the Covid-19 pandemic carried out by the Indonesian government .     

         it _ Abdulla conveyed in the opening ceremony The 7th Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR) in 2022, in Bali in May 2022 .

         Abdullah also conveyed appreciation for The Government of Indonesia as the host of the GDPRR, where currently it’s central Indonesia is at in effort recovery various sector life post- Covid -19 pandemic.

         Temporary that , Amina Jane Mohammed as Deputy Secretary The UN General also gave thumbs up thumb on a number measures and policies Indonesian government , as well achievement Covid-19 vaccination .

         Himself rate , effort vaccination to Public with population as many as 270 million people are not easy job . _ Moreover, Indonesia is a country with population spread over 17 thousand island .

         Naturally blessing coordination as well as work hard from various element government and society . Government succeed do vaccination until to corners of the Archipelago.

         On occasion different , Member Commission IX DPR RI Luqman Hakim assesses that easing mask rule outside room is sign success government overcome Covid-19 pandemic .

         Luqman say that Policy the is description government that is systematic and measurable in controlling Covid-19. In other words policy the reflect permanent government _ consistent , systematic and measurable in do control of Covid-19.

         On the other hand variant only Covid-19 in Indonesia can controlled , let alone 440 million dose vaccine has injected to more of the 204 million total population in Indonesia. So that immunity from society is good too .

         Previously , Indonesian President Joko Widodo said that government has succeed handle the Covid-19 pandemic that has going on During two year more .

         Jokowi also said , Indonesia’s economy throughout 2020-2021 was also assessed keep going move . According to him , p the caused because government no once apply Policy deep lockdown resolve the Covid-19 pandemic so make it easy acceleration economy in 2022.

         Ex The governor of DKI Jakarta also official launched a successful Pandemic Fund _ _ formed by the minister Finance and Minister the health of the G20 below Indonesian presidency / leadership year This is in Nusa Dua , Bali.

         Jokowi said that the pandemic funds Becomes inner world efforts strengthen architecture global health especially through mechanism Strong and affordable financing _ dependable . So the world can more good in effort prevent as well as cope future Covid-19 pandemic .

         So far this , the Pandemic Fund has gather not enough more than IDR 1.4 billion US dollars or around IDR 21.7 trillion from 15 countries and three institution philanthropy . Amount the possibility will increase remember France , Saudi Arabia and Australia are also committed for follow contribute .

         Temporary that , the Minister of Health (Menkes) Budi Gunadi Sadikin say that contribution power health from various profession really significant in control the Covid-19 pandemic in order really under control .

         Himself time say that RI President Joko Widodo has request to himself for prepare scenario in effort change the Covid-19 pandemic to be endemic .

         Whole phase pandemic in the world, in the end will always Becomes endemic , only just matter the need preparation . Refer history pandemic in the world, Budi said that matter the need many factor consideration for change pandemic Becomes endemic . No only factor health Of course , there are also factors political , social , cultural being _ consideration good a leaders of the country and the world who change matter the from Pandemic Becomes endemic .

         In accordance input from epidemiologist , pace transmission or reproduction rate (Rt) must pressed under 1 in _ range three until six month , as well scope vaccination two minimum dose of up to 70 percent from population .

         On the other hand, Interpreter Talk Covid-19 vaccination Ministry of Health Siti Nadia Tarmizi express , policy data based will produce result . One of them effort guard level occupancy the place sleep (BOR) at home minimal Covid-19 pain maybe .

         Moment this already many offices also implement Work From Office (WFO), though some are still implementing WFH (Work From Home) because reason efficiency .

         No easy for handle plague non- natural disasters named Covid-19 pandemic , government must capable apply Policy in a manner measured for handling pandemic no as well as slow down economy national .

)* Writer is Persada Institute contributor

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