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Appreciate the Security Institutions Overseeing the Development of Papua


By : Ones Yikwa )*

Papuan people and the Indonesian people appreciate the escort of development in the land of Papua by TNI troops, the State Intelligence Agency and the National Police. The existence of officers in Bumi Cendrawasih is to ensure that development there runs smoothly. Papua must progress by means of accelerating development, and the apparatus must guard it so that it is the people who benefit.

During President Jokowi’s administration, development in Papua was truly rapid. After the Sea Highway, Youtefa Bridge, there is also the Trans Papua Road and various other infrastructure. Development is carried out for the welfare of the people in the Cendrawasih Land and to avoid an imbalance in progress between western and eastern Indonesia.

But unfortunately development in Papua is threatened by the existence of KST, which was formerly known as KKB. This separatist group was caught several times interfering with the construction process on the Trans Papua Road, so the security forces had to guard it there.

To guard development in Papua and at the same time protect the people from the violence of KST, the apparatus must work hard. Danrem 172/PWY, Brigadier General Dedi Hardono, revealed that during his leadership at Korem 177/PWY, he would be ready to continue the work program of the previous Danrem officials. He also admitted that he was ready to oversee development in Papua.


Seeing that the problems in Papua are quite complex, at the beginning of his leadership, Brigadier General Dedi Hardono made efforts to approach the community. He also invited the community to participate in developing Papua, so that it would develop and be competitive with other regions.

The community appreciates the steps taken by the apparatus in efforts to oversee the development of Papua. TNI troops are working hard on Cendrawasih Earth. Not only to protect residents from attacks by separatist groups. But also keep development projects from being disrupted by them.

So far, KST as a separatist group has really disturbed the people of Papua. They hinder development projects, even though the results will be very useful for the future of the people in Cendrawasih Earth. For example, when there was construction of the Trans Papua Road. When a KST member carried out the attack, the following day the security forces swiftly guarded the workers against possible further attacks.

Apart from that, KST also carried out other terror attacks in Papua, which could also hamper the development of people’s intelligence. KST members under the leadership of Sabius Walker were caught setting fire to the school building, and they also had the heart to kill 2 teachers. KST’s behavior really wants to plunge Papuan children, because they can fail to study, when there are no teachers and places to study.

Therefore security is getting tighter in Papua. Not only by TNI troops, but also by members of the Police. They work together to protect the people while overseeing development in Papua.

Meanwhile, Head of the Biak Tribe Mananwir Hengky Korwa stated that KST had to be eradicated by the security forces because their terror hampered development in Papua. In a sense, this separatist group is very detrimental, because it not only takes lives, but also harms the people because development in Papua is hampered. 

The tribal chief requested that the TNI and Polri take firm action against the KST because their actions are increasingly endangering Papuans. The public is also asked to remain calm and not be affected by hoax news spread by KST.

According to the Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D Fahiri, throughout 2022 there were 55 people who lost their lives due to the KST attack. Therefore, the apparatus was asked to act decisively so that the KST would not escalate. 

The community supports the TNI and Polri in efforts to eradicate KST. They are aware that the apparatus is a friend of the people. Therefore the arrival of the security forces is very welcome because the aim is to secure the Papuan people. 

Papuans are aware that the increase in the number of TNI and Polri personnel in Papua is not to change the status of being a military operations area, as in Aceh 20 years ago. However, the authorities came to protect the community from the ferocity of the KST attack.

Don’t believe the hoax about the negative addition of officers in Papua. When there are more troops, it doesn’t have a bad effect on civilians. It is impossible for the authorities to be unable to distinguish which are KST troops and which are ordinary people, so it is impossible for the Papuan people to die.

The community is also aware that the increase in the number of officers in Papua is for the sake of overseeing the development of Cendrawasih Earth. The acceleration of development must be successful, for the sake of a brighter future for the Papuan people. Therefore, the role of the apparatus is needed in securing the situation from the very dangerous separatist group.

The Papuan people appreciate the escort of construction by members of the TNI in Cendrawasih Land. The situation in Papua is quite different from other regions, so an additional number of officers is needed, for the security of the residents as well as for the supervision of development projects there.

)* The author is a Papuan student. Papuan students live in Makassar

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