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Buddhists in Bali Support and Hope the G20 Summit Makes Tolerance an Icon of Bali


DENPASAR – In Bali, inter-religious life is very harmonious, said the Head of the Indonesian Buddhist Inter-Institutional Forum (Walubi) Bali, Father Eka Wiradharma, in Nusa Dua.

This can happen because it is supported by the existence of the Forum for Religious Harmony (FKUB), where every time there is a dynamic between inter-religious associations, it is immediately discussed in FKUB and a peaceful solution is sought. FKUB Bali membership consists of representatives of all religious communities in Bali.

“We Buddhists in Bali really feel tolerance with other religious people, very good and very satisfying.”

Therefore, Father Eka hopes that Bali can become an icon for a life of tolerance for the Group of Twenty (G20) countries convening in Bali. “Therefore, we participate in securing and maintaining the smooth running of the G20 so that the atmosphere in Bali remains conducive.”

Regarding the meeting of the Group of Twenty (G20) countries in Nusa Dua Bali, Father Eka said as Buddhists and the leaders of Walubi in Bali are very supportive, because this meeting is believed to bring goodness to Bali, after the COVID-19 pandemic, “I recommend all Buddhists in Bali to support the implementation of the G20 to the end.”

Father Eka admitted, many Buddhists are involved in the world of tourism and many are guides. “We are everywhere. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Indonesia, also in Bali. Their activities have decreased a bit, everything is a bit sluggish, because everyone is afraid of being exposed, so they stay at home, never go out.”

Because Buddhists are also afraid of losing their lives, they follow the government’s call for residents to stay at home.” And when the government is invited to attend a joint prayer, we are optimally present for the smooth and successful G20 Summit. ” (*)

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