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Inspirational Young Papua Accommodates Young Generation Talent


By: Rebecca Marian)*

Papua Muda Inspirasi (Youth Creative Hub) is a place for Papuan youth to channel their talents. Not only in the arts, they are also trained to become independent young entrepreneurs. With this program, it is hoped that indigenous Papuans (OAP) have qualified and high-quality human resources.

Papuan sons are Indonesian sons and they have proven their intelligence, even at the world level. Among them is Raema Lisa Rumbewas who won an Olympic silver medal. In addition, there is Gracia Billy Mambrasar, who once showed her golden voice in a talent search event, and is now a special staff of President Jokowi’s millennials.

Lisa and Billy prove that Papuan youth have the ability, both in the arts and sports. Apart from them, there are many Papuan youths who have great potential. These potentials and talents need to be honed, and finally gathered into one forum in the Inspirational Papua Mud program aka Youth Creative Hub.

Inspirational Young Papua was founded by 21 Papuan youths and women, who came from various fields. It is hoped that with this program, the talents of the young people in Bumi Cendrawasih will be accommodated. In addition, they will be trained to be independent, so as to reduce the unemployment rate in Papua.

The main founder of Papua Muda Inspiration is Paskalis Pigai, a photographer and designer. He succeeded in designing a nutmeg crusher machine. Then he also took his other friends such as Yane Ansanay. Yane broke the record for becoming the first doctor of physics in Papua, and he dispelled the myth that science could only be pursued by men. Women can also be physicists.

The Director of Inspiring Young Papua, Billy Mambrasar, expressed his hope that Inspirational Young Papua could become Indonesia’s Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is a place where information technology entrepreneurs emerge. Meanwhile, Inspirational Young Papua not only trains in the field of technology, but also in business and management.

The first step in Inspirational Young Papua is indeed in the field of technology, and it is hoped that many start-up companies with unicorn and decacorn level will emerge. The startup was chosen because this business is not only viral, but also able to produce. With a business in the field of information technology, it is hoped that it will generate a lot of dollars, and prosper Papuans.

With the teaching of information technology in Inspirational Young Papua, it shows that Papuans also have high intelligence. They can be trained to be internet literate and use it to do business on an international scale. The adage that Papuan children are retarded is a big mistake, because they have great potential.

In addition to learning about information technology, Papua Muda Inspirasi also teaches about self-development, such as how to communicate well (using English), how to use internet marketing techniques, how to manage a business, etc. It is hoped that the graduates of this program will be knowledgeable as well as be able to carry themselves in the community. They know how to get along and market their sales in cyberspace.

The main building of Papua Muda Inspiratif has a very unique design, because it is a combination of various traditional houses on Earth of Cendrawasih. There the young people not only learn about business, marketing, and technology. But also art and galleries are also provided to accommodate the works of art.

Young people who take part in the Inspirational Young Papua program need not worry because there are dormitories near the central building. Meanwhile, the students who are accepted are not only native Papuans. But also young people from outside the Cendrawasih Earth area. By being united in a dormitory, it is hoped that they can blend in and get along even though they have different ethnicities and backgrounds.

When Inspirational Young Papua was inaugurated by President Jokowi, on October 28, 2019, he supported the development and innovation of young Papuans. This program is very good for entrepreneurs and business people in the technology field. The goal is good because it is for the prosperity of Papua and a better future for the people of Earth of Cendrawasih.

The government fully supports the Inspirational Young Papua program and provides part of the state budget funds for the smooth running of its programs. With the support of the government, it is hoped that Inspirational Young Papua will run smoothly, and graduate many young entrepreneurs every year. They not only know how to do business and use technology, but also how to communicate with clients all over the world.

Billy Mambrasar and his friends have proven that Papuan youth are capable of competing in the international arena. He has also returned the favor, because he had been lectured to Harvard University with a scholarship from the government. Now he is training Papuan youths to continue working and advancing their region.

With the Inspirational Young Papua program, Papuan youth

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