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Supports Strict Prokes during Year-End Holidays


By: Dwi Cahya Alfarizi)*

The end of the year holidays have arrived and the public welcomes them with joy because they can get away from their strict routine for a moment. Even though the pandemic has started to subside, you have to be vigilant. The community is obliged to implement strict health protocols (prokes) so as not to be exposed to corona during the year-end holidays. Don’t let yourself go home traveling and get infected with the Covid-19 virus and suffer from it.

At the end of the year there is a holiday for almost 14 days. It used to be fun but now it’s the other way around. The reason is because during a pandemic, crowds when crowds can form a new corona cluster. So does that mean you can’t travel ? In fact, it is permissible, as long as you comply with health protocols, aka prokes, especially wearing a mask.

Masdalina Pane, Head of the Professional Development Division of the Indonesian Association of Epidemiologists, stated that an increase in people’s mobility at the end of the year needs to be balanced with health protocols. The reason is because it is still a pandemic. The implementation is by wearing a mask, maintaining distance, and washing hands.

Masdalina continued, education regarding health protocols must be strengthened to increase public understanding and awareness. The goal is to protect yourself and your family from the possibility of contracting the corona. Don’t forget the complete vaccination (3 doses) to minimize transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

In a sense, now there are people who violate the prokes and go on holiday at the end of the year. Even though it’s still a pandemic and violating the health protocol is dangerous, because it can cause a surge in corona patients. Don’t let the number of Covid-19 patients increase again because of the long holiday at the end of the year.

Therefore prokes must be strictly maintained even though it is still on vacation. Wear a mask even on the way, because there could be someone who accidentally comes into contact and has an OTG status (person without symptoms).

In fact, what we are afraid of during the year-end holidays is crowds. When it violates the physical distancing program and it is feared it could form a new corona cluster. So, vacation is okay, because many people are stressed due to being at home for too long. However, it must comply with health protocols, so that everything is safe.

A few days before the holidays, people should do a test to find out if the results are positive for Covid or not. The swab test is better than the rapid test , because it is more accurate. Moreover, now there are many laboratories or private clinics that charge affordable swab test prices .

After that, people should look for information on which tourist attractions are still quiet, so that they are far from the crowds. Usually the busiest are areas that are already well-known, so choose those that have just been inaugurated or virgin beaches. If there really are no other alternatives, then choose hotels and tourist attractions that really comply with health protocols.

Choose hotels that comply with health protocols. All staff also wear masks (not just face shields ). Also provides hand sanitizer for all guests. In addition, for security reasons, the breakfast service is delivered to the room, so guests don’t pile up and end up violating physical distancing .

As a hotel guest, be ready to bring your own hand sanitizer , and bring a minimum of a dozen masks. If the maker is a type of surgical maker, of course it is only used once and is thrown away immediately after it gets dirty. Also avoid buff and scuba masks because they are not effective at holding droplets . For security reasons, also avoid swimming if you doubt its sterility.

After resting at the hotel, visit tourist attractions that also comply with health protocols. All visitors and employees must wear masks and when entering must be checked using a thermal gun . There are handwashing stations inside and outside. It’s better to come when the new area opens. Even though visitors are limited, be aware of crowds.

If all the discipline during the holidays then it will not be easy to get corona. For safety’s sake, do another swab test , after the holidays. So it is certain that you are really healthy and corona free. After being tired of traveling , leave 1 day to rest at home. Also eat fruit and vegetables to maintain stamina.

Meanwhile, the Regional Secretary of DI Yogyakarta, K Baskara Aji, stated that if a business actor violates the health protocol, he will be subject to sanctions. Therefore they must comply with the health protocol in order to reduce the potential for the spread of the corona.

The sanctions given by the DIY Provincial Government are supported by the community. The goal is for business actors to be more disciplined in implementing the health protocol in their business. Then, when a hotel or inn that is managed complies with the health protocol, it will increase the number of guests. The reason is because they are looking for lodging that is sterile and adheres to health regulations.

Year-end holidays are okay but you have to obey the health protocol, especially wearing a mask. The use of masks is mandatory, especially in a crowd that cannot be avoided, for example when at a station or terminal. The public may take a vacation as long as they maintain their health and comply with health regulations, and always avoid potential crowds.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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