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Appreciate Card Work in the Midst of Threats Global Economic Recession


By : Tyas Permata Wiyana )*

The existence of a card program Pre-work considered as a solution concrete for develop potency force work and welfare people . this program worthy appreciated society in the middle threat global recession which impacted on the number number termination connection work .

Recession 2023 be threat because rise ethnic group interest , plus the Covid-19 pandemic that has not yet done though already almost 3 years . Although new simply forecast but warning about prediction recession must noticed . Do not until Public sunk in a recession , or collapse like in 1998 ( gara crisis monetary ).

For resolve threat recession then one _ kick government is with card work . Card work is the program promised by President Jokowi, when he campaign for elections 2019 ( period second ). Moment served as President , promise that truly live granted . Card prakerja was launched and helped a lot of people, because they will get help form training and pocket money .

Director Executive Management Card Program Executor Work , Denni Puspa Purbasari state that card program work help workers to have _ power supple in facing hard times , incl recession . With ups and downs the economy and the situation is not yet stable , then the workers must have skills. The method with follow card work .

In meaning , the skills given to the holders card work is very meaningful . They not only can study language english . But also there class automotive , development adsense , etc. _ With classes the so his skills will grow and become a big capital for start entrepreneur . Skills acquired also so plus value so they can get profession more fast .

Existence card it fits perfectly for ready before the recession . Although at first card work addressed for high school graduates or college still high _ unemployed , however card this also works used by new people just fired or get laid off because of it effect pandemic . Of course moment pandemic many reducing company _ total employees , for the sake of efficiency , because the advantage decrease drastic .

With skill capital from card work so Public can open effort new . If the effort keep going growing , moreover NIB management ( no parent trying ) made easy and free by the government . With have effort alone so opportunity for get income more big , will open width . If the money many so Public will free from risk recession 2023.

Society appreciates the government that provides the card program work , because that was given is a hook, not a fish. In meaning , government want society _ try alone with the skill capital obtained from training work . Which is given is capital for work ( in the form of skills), is n’t it just pocket money worth 2.4 million rupiah. Capital is very important because will useful until dozens year to front .

If only given money then worry will spent for goods consumer , no for repair live . Card work reflect ethos work President Jokowi who always work , work , and work . With diligent work so Public will free from risk and impact recession year front .

Temporary that , according to Yose Rizal Damuri , Chief CSIS department , card program work already walk with ok . In meaning , during a number of year of this program run then this program smooth and precise target . who get card work truly a unemployed and needy help from government .

The unemployed will get benefit card work and this no help it ‘s free that many people sing about. Because of the money given no transferred so just . But used for redeem must class _ followed by owner card work .

The classes are provided by the card program work various , start from digital marketing , class language , entrepreneurship , etc . Owner card this can choose which class are they the most interested , and can done online . _ So that safe for follow it , because no need crammed into space class , and avoid possibility current corona transmission there is crowd .

Recession of course terrible and government trying to keep Indonesia safe from threat recession , and no down like other countries. one _ his move is with give card work . Where is the receiver receive 2.4 million rupiah ( in 4 terms ) and can spent for follow the classes to be improve their skills .

Card very good work for used during the pandemic and ahead recession . Although not yet of course there is recession year front but Public already get ready . With protection from card work so they can safe from noose recession . the cause because already follow training work and can build business and conditions his finances more getting better though still pandemic .

)* Writer is contributor Persada institute

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