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Appreciating Jokowi’s Infrastructure Development During 2021


By: Sentiaji Prabowo)*

The public appreciates President Jokowi’s infrastructure development during the 2021 period. The sustainability of the infrastructure development program not only has a positive impact on economic recovery, but also has a strategic impact on people’s welfare.

The government is committed to continuing the infrastructure development process even during the Covid-19 pandemic. The reason is that the existence of infrastructure will make people’s lives more prosperous. On the other hand, infrastructure development will be able to absorb productive workers, so that the people’s economy can get back on track.

Infrastructure development is managed by the Ministry of PUPR (public works and public housing). Infrastructure is deliberately boosted to increase the competitiveness of the community. Another objective is to equalize development outcomes and pursue economic growth. Equitable development is very important so that there is no difference between progress in the western and eastern parts of Indonesia, so that there is a principle of justice.

During the period of 2021, there were many dams that were inaugurated by President Jokowi. These include the Way Sekampung dam in Lampung, the Bendo dam in Ponorogo, the Paselloreng dam in Wajo Regency, South Sulawesi, the Karalloe dam in Gowa, South Sulawesi, the Tugu dam in Trenggalek and the Gongseng dam in Bojonegoro.

Dam construction is a priority because there are many benefits. First, this infrastructure is useful for preventing flood disasters because we know that the rainy season has shifted slightly (due to global warming) so it is rather difficult to predict. When the rainy season arrives, there will be no flooding that will make people suffer, both materially, physically and mentally.

On the other hand, the dam also prevents drought because there is a stock of water ready to be distributed. The water has been stored several months in advance and when the dry season is hot, a representative water channel will be built. So that people’s plantations and rice fields are safe from the threat of drought.

If there is no drought, it will also affect the livestock business because horses and other animals will have sufficient stock of grass and plants. So that farmers will not be confused during the dry season.

Another function of the dam is to provide farmers with a good irrigation system. If in the past the rice planting period was only 1-2 times a year, then when there is a dam, it can be increased to 3 times a year. The more often rice is planted, the more rice we produce so that it can be surplus and even exported to foreign countries.

Apart from dams, other infrastructure built by President Jokowi’s government is toll roads. One of them is the Kelapa Gading-Pulo Gebang toll road. The toll road is important because it can break down congestion and facilitate people’s mobility.

Some may ask why in areas as dense as the capital city and its surroundings there are still toll road constructions? Precisely when there is a toll road, the flow will be smooth so that it speeds up the delivery of goods. If the delivery is smooth then it will have a positive impact on people’s business and they are happy because the profits are doubled.

The advantages are very clear when there are various infrastructure developments in Indonesia during 2021. This development is intended for the benefit of the community so that they will have a much better life and smooth mobility.

Even though it is still a pandemic, the government has not stopped various infrastructure projects. In fact, in 2021, the project will be intensified because the goal is for the people and to revive the wheels of the Indonesian economy. The community is also happy because they can enjoy very good quality infrastructure.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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