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Creator Act To Encourage Economic Growth and Equality


Jakarta – University of Indonesia Economic Observer, Fithra Faisal revealed that currently the industrial world in Indonesia is facing big challenges to be able to support national economic growth of 6% per year.

In order to achieve this, the government needs to increase the role of infrastructure, human resources, and institutions. So that he sees the existence of the Job Creation Law (Ciptaker) as an important pillar to boost export figures and economic growth in Indonesia in terms of institutional improvement.

“The Job Creation Law is able to create the widest possible employment opportunities, as well as at a minimum being able to increase the economic growth target, so that Indonesia is released from the middle-class economy,” he said in the webinar on the Ciptaker Law For Whom? (14/04/2023).

In line with this, the Special Staff of the Minister of State Secretary, Faldo Maldini said that the world is currently facing global economic uncertainty. So it requires a special regulation to overcome these problems.

Faldo views that so far there have been various overlapping regulations to stimulate the economy. therefore, the Omnibus Law of the Ciptaker Law has a role to fix it.

“In this law everything has also been regulated because trade unions can speak freely. Broadly speaking, there are many bureaucratic regulations that actually make it longer, complicated and more difficult, which has an impact on companies and MSMEs, who now don’t need to be afraid of bureaucracy,” he concluded.

On the same occasion, Secretary General of the Central Executive Board of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (BPP HIPMI), Anggawira assessed that economic growth would be able to continue to grow amid uncertainty by facilitating investment. Without this, growth and equity will not occur properly.

“The output of the Ciptaker Law is indeed to provide bureaucratic simplification, so that business operations can be much more effective and efficient. Because we ourselves are now competing with other countries to be able to attract the amount of incoming investment,” he said.

Angga also added that the Ciptaker Law is also a solution to labor problems in Indonesia, including the UMP. So that it can be a solution for equal distribution of wages for workers in each region and not just relying on one area.

Furthermore, the Founder of the Indonesian Smart Communication Movement (GCKI), Ellys L Pambayun also gave his opinion that the government needs to continue to build public aspirations and participation in a comprehensive manner.

This is because there are still many people in the public who do not understand the Ciptaker Law in depth. So that the pattern of government communication in his view must continue to be improved.

“The government and DPR RI must have political communication that is not too macro with national objects, but the government can support communication that better accommodates people’s voices,” he said.

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