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Demo of the Job Creation Law is prone to being ridden by foreign parties


By: Savira Ayu )*

All parties should continue to be wary of demonstrations related to the Job Creation Law which are planned to be carried out on June 5, 2023. In fact, this action should not be carried out because it has the potential to cause riots and so far there are still many rumors of hoaxes that have already spread and trusted by the public so as to give rise to misperceptions. What’s more, when demonstrations are still being carried out, they are also very vulnerable to being ridiculed by certain parties.

The House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI), has officially ratified the Draft Law (RUU) concerning the Stipulation of Government Regulation in Lieu of Law (Perppu) Number 2 of 2022 concerning Job Creation (Ciptaker) to become Law (UU). It is known that the stipulation was made during the implementation of the 19th Plenary Meeting for Session Period IV for the 2022-2023 Session Year.

Then, related to the ratification of a set of rules, Member of the DPR’s Labor Commission, Rahmad Handoyo, continues to try to respect all the demands made by the workers at several moments. The reason is that Indonesia itself is a country that strictly implements the principles of democracy, so that conveying aspirations and also people’s complaints to the government is very commonplace and even facilitated by the state.

As a fulfillment of people’s democratic rights, of course it is very permissible for the people to convey their aspirations regarding the rules that have been passed by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. Even so, it is hoped that the various actions taken by the community, especially workers when rejecting the Job Creation Law, should proceed in an orderly manner.

However, there are a number of things that should continue to be realized together, namely it is not impossible that the demonstrations that are going to be carried out will in fact be ridden by certain parties politically or with any hidden purpose, which the demonstrators may not be aware of. Alone.

Moreover, ahead of the implementation of the democratic party and political contestation, namely the General Election (Election) in the upcoming 2024, in which all things have the potential to be ridden by certain groups so that it is precisely that no party should pollute it. So it is also important for the community and workers to be aware and continue to increase their self-awareness.

On the other hand, with the inauguration of the Job Creation Law by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the Indonesian Parliament itself, it cannot be denied that a lot of fake news or hoaxes have sprung up related to this rule. In fact, not a few among the public who then even more trusted the misleading information.

One of the most misleading or hoax news that is widely spread in the community related to the Job Creation Law itself is the matter of eliminating leave and no more severance pay for employees in the event of termination of employment (PHK).

In fact, it is clear that this issue is mere hoax, in which the Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) itself has corrected a number of hoaxes circulating in the community regarding the passing of the Job Creation Law. Correct information must indeed continue to be conveyed to the public at large.

In fact, severance pay, if you look at the rules in the recently passed Job Creation Law, still exists and is not eliminated at all if an employee is laid off. Precisely in this rule there is an obligation to the company or employer to pay severance pay or money as a reward for long service and also compensation for rights, the amount of which is in accordance with the reason why the employee was terminated.

Furthermore, there is another hoax that is spreading in society, which seems to accuse that the Job Creation Law abolishes the Minimum Wage (UM). In fact, regulations regarding the MW still exist, and in fact it has been stipulated that the Governor is obliged to set the Provincial minimum wage and can also set the Regency or City MW.

The next issue of hoax is the existence of reports stating that now wages need to be calculated on an hourly basis. In fact, there has been no change in the wage system at all.

For misleading news related to all leave rights that seem to have been removed and also no compensation, this issue is also a hoax, because the real leave rights still exist. Even the company is required to provide leave, which regarding annual leave itself is at least 12 working days, in which the company can provide long breaks and workers still get their wages.

Of course, demonstrations against the Job Creation Law, which are planned to be held on June 5, 2023, should not be carried out, because it would have the potential to cause riots and also threaten national stability and security. Apart from that, it turns out that all parties should continue to increase their vigilance because so far the public has still trusted the spread of hoaxes about several points in these regulations, especially with demonstrations that can be ridden by certain irresponsible parties.

)* The author is a contributor to the Window Reading Institute

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