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Development of IKN Prioritizes Empowerment of Local Communities


By : Ashila Salsabila )*

The Provincial Government of East Kalimantan continues to strive to improve Human Resources (HR), such as MSME training by the Industry Trade and Cooperative Service, Village community development to manage Tourism by the IKN (National Capital) standard Tourism Office.

This golden opportunity is used to improve individual abilities by the Vocational Training Center in East Kalimantan. This is done by the local government so that the community around the IKN does not remain silent in taking action by preparing competent capabilities.

The Deputy Governor of East Kalimantan H Hadi Mulyadi appreciated the implementation of the Phase I construction worker (TKK) training and certification which was attended by around 1,535 participants. The Secretary General of the PUPR Ministry, Mohammad Zainal Fatah, opened the activity at the Sepaku Semoi Dam, North Penajam Paser Regency (PPU).

Deputy Governor Hadi Mulyadi said that the East Kalimantan Provincial Government fully supports the implementation of the training. He believes that the people of East Kalimantan can be maximally involved in the implementation of this large development project.

This training and certification is very necessary and carried out on an ongoing basis, so that the human resources that are prepared really have the quality and capacity needed in the framework of the development of IKN. 

Hadi also added that the East Kalimantan Provincial Government strongly encourages the synergy of various parties, especially in efforts to improve the quality of human resources in the field of employment.

The TKK training and certification program in the IKN area is an effort to increase HR competence in the construction sector which is one of the Ministry of PUPR’s programs to support the vision and mission of President Joko Widodo and Vice President Ma’ruf Amin for the 2019-2024 period. 

Secretary General of the PUPR Ministry, Mohammad Zainal Fatah, said that the construction of IKN infrastructure certainly requires a large number of construction workers who are trained, skilled and professional. TKK preparation training for IKN infrastructure will be carried out in 5 stages from August to December 2022 with a target of 9,300 trained and certified TKK candidates. 

In supporting IKN infrastructure development, the PUPR Ministry has gradually allocated a budget for 2022-2024 of IDR 43.73 trillion, with details for 2022 of IDR 4.07 trillion, for 2023 of IDR 20.48 trillion, and for 2024 it is planned for IDR 18.18 trillion .

The estimated need for TKK in supporting the implementation of infrastructure development for the Archipelago IKN for the 2022-2024 period requires approximately 260,000 construction workers with details of 30,000 people in 2022, 123,000 people in 2023, and 107,000 people in 2024.

IKN Deputy Authority Dhony Rahajoe said that the presence of the TKK training which was equipped with the use of technology was expected to be able to transform by paying attention to environmental aspects, so that it was in line with the IKN’s development mission as a  smart city  , a modern sustainable city, and environmentally friendly. The development of IKN is not only physical development such as building and road infrastructure, but also includes environmental and human development.

Seeing the planning and implementation that has been mature, East Kalimantan Province must improve itself, especially since it has been designated as the National Capital (IKN) of the Archipelago. The people of East Kalimantan also don’t just become spectators in their own area, they must be active by increasing human resources to be able to compete. By participating in various trainings and good skills through the Vocational Training Centers (BLK), later they are ready to work and not ready to look for work.

The Deputy Governor of East Kalimantan also added that the East Kalimantan Provincial Government is also committed to continuing to develop and improve human resources, one of which is through an educational cooperation program between the East Kalimantan Provincial Government and a number of schools and universities both at home and abroad. Thus the prepared human resources have the quality and capacity or according to the needs of IKN development.

Not only that, the government continues to improve providing facilities and infrastructure in various Regencies/Cities to support the IKN, so that economic growth is evenly distributed. This is reinforced by the East Kalimantan Government’s policy which continues to strive to improve human resources and natural resources such as training for MSMEs by the Office of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Development of Village Communities to manage Tourism by the IKN-standard Tourism Office, Individual capacity building by BLK.

)* The writer is an Indoarchipelago journalist

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