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DKPP Ensures Rice Stock and Prices Are Controlled, People Are Urged Not to Panic


By : Mayang Dwi Andaru)*

The Surabaya City Food and Agriculture Security Service (DKPP) ensures that the stock and price of rice in the market in Surabaya City is still under control. Therefore, people should not panic too much because people’s panic will make the situation worse.

Head of DKPP Surabaya, Antiek Sugiharti, said that based on monitoring results in various markets in the city of Surabaya, it showed that the price of rice was under control and safe. So, all people are advised not to panic and instead make excessive purchases.

It is stated that the need in one month in the City of Surabaya itself is 15,775 tons, then now, the availability of rice stocks has even reached 31,696 tons, which means that the total rice stock in the City of Heroes is in a very safe condition.

Then regarding the price, the average price from a survey conducted by market officers in the field shows that the average price of rice in Surabaya at least as of Wednesday, October 4 2023 tends to remain safe and stable, for premium rice the price is 13,333 Rupiah. , then for medium Buloh the price is 10,900 Rupiah.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Surabaya City Small and Medium Enterprise Cooperatives and Trade (Dinkopdag) Department, Dewi Soeriyawati, explained that her party would continue to take various steps and strategies to anticipate how the price of the rice commodity would rise.

One of the things done by Dinkopdag is to distribute rice from Bulog to traders in various main markets in the city of Surabaya. The Surabaya City Government (Pemkot) also continuously carries out Food Supply and Price Stability (SPHP) for rice commodities to traders in all markets in the area up to 52 tons per week.

Not only that, but the City Government also held a Cheap Food Movement (GPM) which was implemented by providing at least 8 tons in 1 location at each implementation. Great hopes were expressed to all residents that they no longer need to worry because the availability of rice itself is still very sufficient.

By distributing rice to traders, it is hoped that there will be no more price increases that are too high in the community. because, this price has been conveyed to all traders who were supplied previously. PD Pasar Surya and also market managers will also continue to monitor all stands that receive SPHP rice dropping quotas.

In general, it is observed that food commodity prices in the city of Surabaya are still below the average price. Even so, the Surabaya City Government has a very strong commitment to continuing to control prices by providing a number of information regarding price developments from the results of monitoring commodity prices in many markets as well as through televisions installed in several locations in Wonokromo Market, Tambakrejo, Pucang Anom. , New Roof Tiles and Customs.

Because by continuing to provide the latest information on a regular basis regarding the prices of basic commodities every day in the market, the public themselves can also know what the fair price is on that day and traders will be encouraged not to sell them at prices that are too high.

The installation of running text containing the latest developments regarding commodity prices via television in various markets in Surabaya is actually quite effective in ensuring that commodity prices are not manipulated by traders and buyers can buy rice at a reasonable price.

Meanwhile, on a national scale, the Government is continuing to pursue its rice stock target of up to 2 million tons. These efforts are being made to anticipate possible disruptions to domestic rice supplies due to El Nino.

The government, through the Minister of Home Affairs, Tito Karnavian, revealed that his party continues to encourage the absorption of rice from within its own country by maximizing the performance of local farmers. There are at least seven provinces where production continues.

Furthermore, apart from looking for domestic production, the government will also import rice, and coordination has been carried out with the Logistics Affairs Agency (Bulog) and the National Food Agency (BPN) to carry out these imports with a target of reaching a minimum rice stock of 2 million tons so that the entire community can be assured of safety.

All people from various circles and levels of elements in Indonesia do not need to worry too much, let alone panic and instead panic buy. This is because the Government itself has confirmed and ensured that the stock and price of rice in all markets are safely under control.

)* The author is an analyst at the Sadawira Utama Institute

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