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For the sake of Even Economic Growth, Observer: The Elected President must Continue IKN


JAKARTA – The government has set the construction of the Archipelago Capital City (IKN) in North Penajam Paser, East Kalimantan as a replacement for DKI Jakarta, whose problems are increasingly complex. President Joko Widodo emphasized that the transfer of IKN was part of Indonesia’s structural transformation to build a better life system.

Jakarta Bhayangkara University Political Observer, Diah Ayu Permatasari said, IKN is very important for the country’s economic growth. According to Diah, IKN has not only existed since President Jokowi, but history records the idea of ​​moving the capital city by Soekarno.

“Soeharto in 1997 also had plans to transfer to Jonggol. BJ Habibie also made plans to go to Sidrap. SBY is also making plans to move the capital,” Diah said in the Trijaya Hot Topic Evening program with the theme “Political Constellation & the Future of IKN”, Thursday (20/7/2023).

Diah continued, based on these records, the country’s leaders realized that the biggest problem was the economy. That there are disparities between one region and another. For example, Java Island controls 58.6% of the economy with trade centers in Java 65% and service centers 91%.

“Creating in quality requires big and fundamental policies. And it was realized not from Jokowi’s request but when the founding of this country had also appeared,” he said.

Diah added that geopolitical theory says that a state is like a living creature that can grow and die. When the country is full, it will do everything it can to even colonize other countries. Seeing that Jakarta is getting crowded and the threats are happening a lot, it is only natural that in terms of its geopolitical position, Jakarta is expected to share growth with other regions so that it does not die alone. Many countries have done this.

Diah reminded that every development is nothing pragmatic. On average, state leaders carry out development activities for 5 to 10 years, even large countries do not develop countries for only 5 to 10 years.

“China and other countries build 25, 40 and even 100 years,” he stressed.

Given that Indonesia is facing a general election period that will elect a new president in 2024, Diah said whoever the president is elected should follow the existing system.

“The commitment of the presidential candidates to IKN, all presidential candidates have the same vision, which is to try to eliminate something bad and continue something good even though they have their own style. But maybe you have to watch out for this president really determines the sustainability of IKN. The proof is that it’s been 78 years, only Jokowi has the courage to execute, even though this is a tough decision for sure,” he explained.

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