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Fully Supports the Development of the Archipelago IKN


By: Gita Oktaviani )* 

The development of the National Capital City (IKN) of the Archipelago deserves the full support of many parties. Its development must be supported so that this project is completed perfectly. With various supports, IKN will become a modern city but still environmentally friendly, and make all Indonesian citizens proud.

The construction of IKN Nusantara as the new capital city continues to comply with the targets set by the government. Its construction has received full support from various groups, ranging from politicians, academics, to civilians. They believe that IKN is a future city that is both sophisticated and environmentally friendly. The support from many parties is invaluable, because it can make this project run smoother.

Assistant Deputy Coordinator for Handling Conventional Crimes and Crimes Against State Assets, Brigadier General Pol. Asep J Ahmadi, stated that the IKN development process must be supported because with the IKN there will be equity in Indonesia. The transfer of IKN is not only a physical building, but also a new work culture and mindset, which is accompanied by good human resources.

In a sense, the construction of IKN is not just the construction of bridges, ring roads and new buildings. However, the most important thing is the development of a new mindset so that people in Kalimantan and throughout Indonesia can be more advanced. With a sophisticated IKN, the mindset also continues to the future.

The development of human resources in IKN is also fully supported by the local government. The Governor of East Kalimantan H. Isran Noor stated that he was pleased with the training held at North Penajam Paser. According to him, this training is very important to prepare superior human resources to support the development of IKN. In a sense, human resources in Borneo are very ready to support the smooth development of IKN.

Support for the development of IKN comes from many parties. PKB politician Muhaimin Iskandar stated that he agreed with President Jokowi’s strong idea to build the National Archipelago National Park, relocate people, and build new economic growth.

Muhaimin continued, the movement of people to the National Archipelago National Park was a big ‘transmigration’, because of the large number of people moving to the new Indonesian capital. In a sense, when the Nusantara IKN has been completed, many Indonesian citizens will move there in droves to look for new jobs.

The development of IKN will trigger mass transmigration and make the people’s future better. In overseas lands they will struggle harder and get new jobs, either as employees in IKN government offices or opening their own businesses. With transmigration, Indonesian people are more advanced and have more income.

If there is an IKN then transmigration starts again and this is very good because it will reduce the population density on the island of Java. With so many transmigrants, it will support the development of IKN. They will be polite immigrants and mingle with the natives of East Kalimantan.

Meanwhile, state universities (PTN) throughout Indonesia which are members of the Association of Indonesian PTN Alumni Organizations (Himpuni) support the development of IKN in East Kalimantan Province. Chairman of the Presidium of the Himpuni Akhmad Muqowan stated that the form of support was evidenced by holding the Annual Session of the Himpuni General Assembly in Samarinda, namely Mulawarman University as the host.

The holding of this annual assembly is the first in Indonesia so this is historic for Samarinda, in particular and for the Province of East Kalimantan in general, because it was immediately agreed to hold it in this area as a positive impact from the transfer of the IKN.

In fact, on Sunday 12 March 2023, the Himpuni group from all over Indonesia visited the Zero Point of the Archipelago and a number of areas in the IKN to see first-hand the progress of development in the IKN, including seeing certain aspects as input material for the development of the IKN.

In a sense, academics who are members of Himpuni support the development of IKN because they see that there are many positive impacts. In addition to advancing Kalimantan, IKN will also advance Eastern Indonesia because there is an even distribution of development. IKN will also reduce the unemployment rate in Indonesia because its projects absorb labor.

The support for the construction of the National Archipelago National Park is very good because it shows people’s love for President Jokowi. Starting from ordinary civilians to politicians, all support IKN. With their support, this project will be successful. The community believes that IKN Nusantara is a city of the future that is sophisticated and remains in harmony with the nature of Kalimantan.

The construction of IKN is also fully supported by Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Former British Prime Minister (PM) Tony Blair visited the Penajam Paser Utara location, East Kalimantan, to witness firsthand the development of IKN Nusantara. This was conveyed by the Head of the Nusantara Capital Authority, Bambang Susantono. This is Tony Blair’s second visit to IKN in 5 months.

Bambang explained that the meeting between the two discussed the latest developments, including their approach to paying close attention to communities, forests and biodiversity in the archipelago during construction.

Bambang Susantono and Tony Blair brainstormed on how to improve the archipelago’s investment climate now and in the long term, as well as to grow the city’s arts and culture space and other important ingredients of this delightful city. Bambang said he was pleased with the visit from the former British PM, which he considered a strong commitment to support the development of IKN.

With the support of many parties, ranging from academics, politicians, to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the development of the Nusantara IKN will proceed smoothly. IKN will be a proud capital city because of its beauty and sophistication. Development in IKN is not only in terms of physical and building, but also the development of quality human resources.

)* The author is a Contributor to the Windows Baca Institute

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