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G20 Forum Accommodates MSME Development


One of the forums for organizing the G20, namely the B20 forum, continues to strive to be able to accommodate and encourage Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to be able to play a role as an economic driver. At least in the implementation of the B20 there are several policy recommendations which will later be continued and reappointed at the G20 Summit.

Chair of Trade & Investment Task Force B20, Arif Rachmat explained that the four policy recommendations include: free trade, digital economy, inclusivity, and green economy.

Furthermore, Arif also said that to be able to continue to encourage MSMEs to succeed in becoming economic drivers, support from various parties was needed.

“One of the legacy programs initiated is a partnership with MSMEs through the Inclusive Closed Loop scheme by making MSMEs the main focus in driving the economy, not only in Indonesia but also globally, which will be supported by various stakeholders, ranging from the business community, financial institutions. , to academics,” he said.

Meanwhile, Co-Chair of Trade & Investment Task Force B20, Dr Juan Jose Daboub also added that according to him there must also be collaboration between the government and the private sector.

In fact, for him, it is very important to establish a task force so that voices from the private sector can be really accommodated for the creation of better policies.

Dr Daboub stated that the B20 forum held was very supportive of the G20 Presidency’s target to carry out digital transformation to encourage the expansion of MSME competitiveness.

“This forum supports the target of the Indonesian G20 Presidency regarding the real role of business players in encouraging digital transformation, as well as expanding MSME access so that they can compete and become part of the global supply chain through the Inclusive Closed Loop scheme,” he said.

Furthermore, the man who also serves as a member of the directors of Phillip Morris International (PMI) reiterated that there must be synergy from all parties together, from business actors, MSMEs to the government in an inclusive manner.

“Through the B20 forum, we also contribute, both in providing advice and sharing experiences regarding real efforts to support MSMEs to be more competitive and encourage economic growth. Collaboration between business actors and MSMEs also requires full support from the government, namely in the form of policies and programs that inclusive by involving all stakeholders, without exception,” said Dr. Daboub.

Previously, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno believed that the G20 Summit would grow the community’s economy.

“This G20 event, of course, should be very grateful for us that the culinary, fashion, and craft sectors are growing and developing. Alhamdulillah, this has opened 33 thousand new jobs, increased domestic consumption has reached Rp1.7 trillion and has increased our positive image,” said Sandi.

The G20 Summit which is the culmination of Indonesia’s G20 Presidency will be held in Bali on November 15-16, 2022. The highlight of the event will be attended by all Heads of Government/States of the G20 members.

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