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Government Guarantees Fuel Stock Ahead of 2023 New Year


By: Shenna Aprilya Zahra )*

firmly guarantees that all energy supply stocks, from fuel, electricity to LPG, are all in a safe condition ahead of the 2023 New Year celebrations which will soon be celebrated by Indonesian people, so there is nothing to worry about and people can carry out holiday activities safely. calm.

Energy supply, starting from the supply of electricity, fuel oil (BBM) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are three very important things to supply the energy needs of the community. Especially in welcoming the upcoming 2023 New Year celebrations, which is indeed a momentum in itself that is often celebrated by Indonesian people with their families and loved ones.

Therefore, from how important the energy supply is that is needed by the community ahead of the New Year’s celebration, Acting Director General of Electricity, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Dadan Kusdiana ensures that all energy supply, especially in the destination area Indonesian tourism, such as in the Province of Bali, is entirely in a safe condition.

Not only is the energy supply safe, but he also ensures that even the availability on the Island of the Gods has stocks which are generally above average. So that it is not only supply, but the availability of fuel used for power plants is also the available stock above operating days (HOP).

In monitoring the availability of fuel and electricity during the Christmas and New Year ( Nataru ) period, Dadan stated that the preparedness of the State Electricity Company (PLN) and the State Oil and Gas Mining Company (Pertamina) to face the Nataru holiday season has been maximized and continues strived to meet all the energy supply needs of society.

Furthermore, the Acting Director General of Electricity at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources stated that so far Pertamina and PLN have made maximum efforts to continue to anticipate the increase in demand for fuel and electricity, especially ahead of Christmas and New Year.

This is done by the Government to be able to continue to guarantee that all people are able to carry out all types of activities on the Nataru holiday with a calm and comfortable feeling without worrying about a shortage of energy supply. Regarding the Nataru celebration itself, Dadan even added that currently the supply of energy, namely fuel, in Bali is up to 7 days.

The amount of stock reaching 7 days is considered sufficient because usually people celebrate the Nataru holiday only for about 3 days, which is the time it takes to bring in new supplies. Meanwhile, the government itself has pocketed the supply of fuel and LPG energy in Bali and the stocks are maintained for about 6 to 7 days.

With the guaranteed supply of energy such as fuel and LPG, Dadan then gave his appreciation to Pertamina, which according to him already has very good management of supply and demand and even continues to experience increasing improvements from year to year.

Not just a report, but he proved himself by traveling directly from Banyuwangi to Bali and heading to several Public Fuel Filling Stations (SPBU). All of them saw that the management of energy stocks was indeed going very well, he even said that there were absolutely no queues due to limited stocks because all stocks had been maintained and guaranteed by the Government.

Furthermore, discussing the availability of electricity supply in Indonesian tourism areas such as in Bali, according to Dadan, there is absolutely no need to doubt it. Moreover, according to him, Bali has experience in holding many large international-level events such as the Presidency of the Group of Events Twenty (G20) a while ago.

So he really believes that all energy stocks can be handled and guaranteed and controlled very well by the Government, especially in Bali. Then the next target is to be able to guarantee the supply of energy in the form of electricity, fuel and LPG in other locations.

Likewise, the General Manager of the Bali Regional Unit (UP2B), IG Wayan Udayana also explained that the electricity condition on the Island of the Gods has so far been very safe. He also hopes that, at least until January 4, 2023, which is the alert period, all of them will remain in a safe condition.

It’s not half-hearted, the Government is really serious about securing and guaranteeing the availability of energy supplies ranging from fuel, electricity to LPG even by using the same electrical safety system that was used when the G20 event was held. So starting from distribution, transmission to entering the venue , everything is guaranteed very well.

Ahead of the celebration of the turn of the New Year from 2022 to 2023 which will soon be celebrated by many people in Indonesia, the Government of Indonesia has a very strong commitment and also shows it with real work, namely by carrying out strict supervision of guaranteed energy stocks, such as fuel , especially in tourism destination areas in the country.

)* The author is a contributor to the Nusantara reading room

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