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Indonesia Inflames the Spirit of ASEAN Solidarity in the 44th AIPA Session


Jakarta – The 44th General Session of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) which was held in Jakarta has started. The theme adopted at the 44th General Assembly of AIPA is “Responsive Parliament for a Stable and Prosperous ASEAN”, which is the commitment of ASEAN parliaments to participate in creating peace and prosperity in Southeast Asia.

Speaker of the Republic of Indonesia DPR Puan Maharani who acts as Chair of the 44th AIPA General Assembly, chaired the Executive Committee Session of the Southeast Asian parliamentary forum on Sunday (07/08/2023).

The Executive Committee meeting was held to discuss agendas and programs related to the 44th AIPA General Assembly. In this session, Puan stressed the importance of the parliaments of ASEAN countries to be responsive and responsive in facing various regional and global challenges.

“I invite all the parliamentary delegations of AIPA members who are present to put forward the spirit of ASEAN solidarity together. Thus, it is hoped that the meeting can take place productively and we can all produce a consensus at the end of the meeting,” said Puan.

The former Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture said that the role of AIPA was needed to support ASEAN countries from big power competition. According to Puan, the Southeast Asian region can resolve priority issues of common interest.

“AIPA needs to ensure that ASEAN’s interests continue to be heard and paid attention to, in solving various problems that require global commitment,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Chair of the BKSAP Regional Cooperation Desk at the Indonesian Parliament, Putu Supadma Rudana hopes that the 44th AIPA General Assembly can make ASEAN a major force in the Asia Pacific region and globally.

“We see that with the ASEAN Parliament, Southeast Asian countries will become one force, one family or ASEAN family,” said Putu.

According to him, with the Asean Parliament, all interests and potentials in the region can be guarded together.

In addition, the session which took place in Jakarta is expected to influence the role of the Indonesian parliament in ASEAN.

“By hosting for the 7th time, of course we hope that Indonesia will be able to influence both the ASEAN region and the Asia-Pacific region,” Putu hoped.

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