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Indonesia is a Destination Country for Foreign Investment


By: Setiawan Widiyatmoko)*

Indonesia is one of the investment destinations for other countries. This is very proud because it shows the confidence of international entrepreneurs to do business in this country.

The government is currently actively promoting Indonesia as an investment destination for other countries, and describes its many advantages. The number of investors is increased so that there will be more businesses with a cooperative investment system in this country. Investors are very important because one indicator of a country’s progress is the amount of investment.

The Indonesian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Gandi Sulistyanto, stated that Indonesia is an investment destination country. What is needed for Korean business and consumer needs is in Indonesia. Ambassador Gandi explained it during the Road to G-20 event in Seoul, South Korea, on May 31, 2022.

In a sense, Indonesia can be a suitable investment destination for South Korea, because it is not too far away because it is still both in Asia. If Korean investors want to commute, they are not too tired or need big costs for transportation.

Indonesians are also familiar with South Korean culture because it has been booming since a few years ago (through KPOP and Kdrama), so Ahjumma or investors are no strangers. If you already know the culture, the adaptation process is not too difficult. Korean entrepreneurs will be able to direct their employees who are Indonesian and there will be no culture shock.

Cultural differences are indeed a concern because if there is no adjustment, it will be difficult to adapt. If Indonesians are familiar with the Korean work culture that likes to work hard, it will be easy to manage. Adjustments are made easily because both parties understand each other.

Then, there are many agricultural products in Indonesia that can be processed or exported to South Korea. For example bananas and fruits as well as vegetables. The fact is that vegetables and fruit in Korea are rather limited, unlike in Indonesia, which can thrive. If South Korean entrepreneurs set up investment companies in the agrarian sector in Indonesia and then export them to South Korea, it would be very profitable.

Investment in the agrarian sector is also compatible with the government program, namely millennial farmers, because there are many farmers who are happy to work on the land. Agricultural products such as fruit and vegetables will thrive and those that pass quality control can be exported to South Korea.

The produce can be exported directly or made into canned food, and will surely be in demand by buyers in South Korea. Therefore, the promotion of the Indonesian Ambassador is quite effective in seducing investors from the country of ginseng. Those who are entrepreneurs will think that investing in Indonesia can generate a lot of profit.

If there is an investment company, it will create a symbiotic mutualism alias mutual benefit. Investors will benefit because their products sell well and their Indonesian employees also benefit because they get a fixed salary.

In addition, investment in Indonesia is profitable because it is protected by the government, through the Omnibus Law on Job Creation. There is also a direct guarantee from President Jokowi. Indonesia’s secure political situation is also a guarantee for foreign investors, especially from South Korea, to do business in this country.

Indonesia can be an ideal investment destination because it has abundant agricultural products, so foreign investors can start companies in the agrarian sector. On the other hand, the Government also continues to improve the investment climate in Indonesia, so investors are expected not to hesitate to develop their businesses in Indonesia.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi institute

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