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Indonesia Uses G20 for Global Economic Recovery Momentum


By: Ridwan Alamsyah)*

The Group of Twenty Summit (KTT) G20 to be held in Bali has many benefits. One of them is as a momentum to restore the global economy.

The pandemic has brought the global economy into turmoil, even in superpowers, even though its financial condition has also been negatively affected. When there is a global crisis, what is feared is the paralysis of the economy of all countries. Do not let this happen because it can cause mass deaths because many are bankrupt.

Indonesia as the presidency of the G20 Summit in 2022 has advantages, as a driver so that the global economy can be healthy again. President Jokowi stated that the intergovernmental forum at the G20 would be a catalyst for an inclusive global economic recovery. During the G20 presidency, Indonesia will intensify relations with various international economic actors.

In a sense, relations with international economic actors are not only beneficial for Indonesia but also with other countries. When there is a harmonious relationship, the government can become a bridge between countries that are experiencing economic difficulties and those economic actors, so that there will be a solution. There will be no bankruptcy because there could be mutually beneficial economic cooperation.

The government’s involvement in restoring the global economy is in line with the theme of this year’s G20 Summit, namely: recovering together, recovering stronger. Remember that united we stand, divided we fall. With unity, everything will be resolved, including the financial problems that entangle the members of the G20. Although not by borrowing funds, moral support is also very valuable.

At the World Economic Forum, which was attended by President Jokowi virtually, it was hoped that international economic actors could come up with applicable ideas that could be implemented at the G20 Summit. In a sense, the idea is not only good in imagination but also must be executed, so that it becomes a solution for how to overcome economic problems in the G20 participating countries.

Indonesia will push the G20 on 3 priorities: first, restructuring health to be more inclusive and responsive. One of them is vaccination, and hopefully many countries will carry out vaccinations for their people evenly and professionally. If the people are healthy, they can work with enthusiasm and in the end the country’s economy will be good.

Second, the optimization of digital technology. G20 member countries should apply digitalization, especially in the field of trade and keep up with the times, because it has been proven that internet marketing results are far more powerful than conventional methods.

Didn’t Charles Darwin also teach that whoever adapts to the circumstances will be victorious? This means that when you want to move forward, you have to follow the latest technology trends. If you can access the internet in your country, it will be easier and you will be given a 5G signal. This is an absolute requirement to restore the economy in his country.

While the third, the transition to environmentally friendly technology. The reason is because we are obliged to love the earth and be environmentally friendly, so that there is no greenhouse effect and rapid melting of polar ice, which will be detrimental to both business and other fields. In addition, fossil fuels are also slowly being replaced with environmentally friendly ones, because fossil supplies are running low.

The Indonesian government took advantage of the G20 Summit as the right moment to restore the global economy. As the G20 presidency in 2022, President Jokowi leads with a sense of responsibility and wants the economy around the world to improve again, with various strategies. We are optimistic that the pandemic will end quickly and finances will also improve.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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