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Involvement of foreigners in IKN projects to maintain quality


By : Joanna Alexandra Putri )*

In carrying out projects at IKN, the government employs foreign nationals (foreigners) as supervisors. The community does not need to be afraid because they are there to maintain the quality of the existing buildings at IKN Nusantara. As the capital city, IKN Nusantara must have the best buildings, therefore foreign supervisors are chosen. Foreigners also work legally because there is already a legal umbrella.

The national capital will be moved from the previous one on Java Island to Kalimantan Island, North Penajam Paser to be precise. This transfer is of course complemented by infrastructure development in the form of the Presidential Palace building, ministerial housing, ASN, and other buildings. All were established because IKN is a capital city that is complete in terms of buildings and facilities, and will be even better than DKI Jakarta.

In making a new capital city, new buildings and facilities are needed. Therefore the IKN development project is made as good as possible, so that the results are of good quality and durable. In order to make this happen, the government involves foreign nationals as foreign workers (TKA) and they are made project supervisors, the aim is to maintain quality.

The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut B. Pandjaitan stated that foreign workers can complete jobs faster than Indonesian workers. This is evident from the fast train project Padalarang Station, Bandung, which was carried out by foreign workers so that the progress of the work was fast. 

Minister Luhut continued, those who criticized did not see the reality. Like the construction of the Padalarang Station, if they (the foreign workers) don’t work, they won’t finish either.

Regarding the IKN, Luhut stated that the involvement of foreigners as project workers had gone through separate considerations. First, they work faster so that projects at IKN will be completed quickly. As the nation’s capital which is expected to be completed in 2024, speed is key, so it is only natural that foreigners are involved as supervisors.

The public certainly knows how President Jokowi performs, who likes speed and accuracy. Therefore, the government wants Nusantara’s IKN to be built quickly, and one of the ways is to involve foreign workers. Moreover, their performance has also proven to be good and can make projects run smoother.

Second, workers at IKN are placed as project supervisors, not unskilled laborers or porters. The public need not be afraid because the presence of foreign workers in East Kalimantan will shift their position as workers. The reason is because there are not as many as imagined and they exist as supervisors. The presence of foreign workers in IKN will not reduce the opportunity to become workers there.

While the third, the involvement of foreigners as project supervisors already has a legal umbrella, namely Government Regulation (PP) No. 12 of 2023 concerning Granting Business Permits, Ease of Doing Business, and Investment Facilities for Business Actors in the Archipelago’s Capital City.

“Businesses carrying out business activities in the Archipelago Capital region may employ foreign workers for certain positions in accordance with statutory provisions,” reads article 22 paragraph 1.

So, the presence of TKA is legal according to law and cannot be sued. When there are parties who have questions, they should first learn about the rules for involving foreigners as workers in Indonesia.

Finally, the government wants workers to learn from foreigners. This was stated by the Coordinating Minister for Manives Luhut B. Pandjaitan. In a sense, the presence of project supervisors who are foreigners certainly has a higher education and a different background from workers with Indonesian citizenship. They can share and impart the knowledge they have, so that it will benefit Indonesian workers.

There should not be any party who opposes foreign nationals working at IKN Nusantara because their presence is legally valid in Indonesia. The existence of foreigners is actually beneficial because it can provide new knowledge to Indonesian citizens.

For example, when there are foreign nationals from Japan or South Korea who become project supervisors at IKN. They are known to have a high work ethic and are very disciplined. Enthusiasm and discipline in work will affect his staff, so that projects at IKN Nusantara will be completed quickly.

According to legal expert Togar Sijuang, Foreign Workers are foreign citizens who hold visas with the intention of working in Indonesian territory.

Indonesia’s employment philosophy is to protect workers with Indonesian citizenship working in Indonesia so that if there is a special need and it is urgent to employ foreign workers, strict requirements must be made so that Indonesian workers avoid unhealthy competition.

So, people don’t need to be afraid of the presence of foreign workers in Indonesia because the government protects Indonesian citizens. Their position will not be shifted when there are foreign nationals working at IKN Nusantara as project supervisors. Their presence will launch and accelerate projects so that IKN can be completed quickly, and become a capital city to be proud of.

)* The author is a contributor 

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