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Papua development acceleration for the sake of quality human resources


By: Viktor Awoitauw )*

The government is accelerating Papua’s development in all fields, from infrastructure, health, to human resources (HR). Human resource development is very important so that Papuans are more educated and qualified. They have great potential to become leaders in their area. Therefore, he was given a scholarship so he could pursue higher education and become a scholar .

Since the beginning of President Jokowi’s administration (2014) the development of Papua has been carried out massively. The government is developing Papua because the area has great potential and at the same time realizes equitable distribution of development in western and eastern Indonesia. Developments carried out include infrastructure in the form of roads and bridges, as well as development of human resources.

HR development is carried out so that the people of Papua are more advanced and intelligent. Deputy President KH Ma’ruf Amin stated that there are seven points of the quick wins program in developing more qualified, competent and superior human resources in Papua. The goal is to catch up with other regions.

The Vice President added that the points in the quick wins include: first, in the field of education, through Papua Pintar, which requires support from Cenderawasih University. Cenderawasih University’s contribution is urgently needed to become a think tank, especially in building higher quality, competent and superior human resources in Papua.

Then there is the Papua Mandiri program, in the form of developing superior commodities which include tourist areas and business development for the Papuan people. In the form of integrated tourism, village economic centers, millennial farmers, as well as the development of job training centers and vocational schools.

There is also the Bright Papua program, the government’s efforts to provide access to electricity in all corners of the land of Papua, as well as working together in building new renewable energy with relevant stakeholders.

The Vice President added that there is also the Papua Berkarya program, which is the government’s step in advancing Papuan human resources to be able to work in the national industry. One thousand Papuan children in SOEs have been started and implemented, then affirmations for CPNS (Civil Servant Candidates) acceptance at ministries/agencies, and a thousand Papuan PNS apprentices at ministries.

Seventh, Proud Papua, raises the socio-cultural aspects of Papua which are the characteristics of the land of Papua. This is done by [building a Papuan cultural house, training center based on religious institutions, Papuan talent management, industrial bio-creative hub.

In a sense, the government has designed many programs for the development of Papuan human resources. The goal is for Papuan children to grow up to become educated people and get decent jobs, so that their standard of living increases.

Papuan children can go to school with an Otsus (special autonomy) scholarship and they can complete their education from elementary to high school. Even if you excel, you can also study, not only in Papua but also in Java, also abroad.

Apart from the Special Autonomy scholarship, there are also other scholarships with the Papua Smart program. There is also an Asmat Smart scholarship provided by the Asmat local government. It is hoped that with these scholarships there will be an increase in human resources from Papuans. 

To improve the quality of human resources for indigenous Papuans (OAP), the government, through the Jayapura City Manpower Office, is holding various trainings, including how to cut hair. This event was very well received by the local community because they could add new skills as capital to be independent and open  their own barbershop  .

Stanis Hike, Chairperson of Commission D DPRD Kota Jayapura stated that the program carried out by the Manpower Office is partial to indigenous Papuan children. DPRD fully supports training like this because it can improve the people’s economy and open new jobs.

Entrepreneurship training is good because if there is 1 Papuan who can cut his hair and open his own business, he will automatically need employees. If the business continues to grow, the number of employees will increase. He will reduce the unemployment rate in Papua and help many people to earn a living. In addition, the quality of human resources has increased and they have become smarter and more skilled.

The number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia is still relatively low (less than 10%) and the Manpower Office wants it to increase so that there will be more business people. Starting from Papua, Eastern Indonesia will become a region that has many entrepreneurs. That way, the business world on Cendrawasih Earth will be more dynamic.

The training held by the Jayapura City Manpower Office was very welcomed by residents because the participants were native Papuans. The local government shows concern for OAP and wants them to be more financially capable. Learning is not only at school but also through training, which will improve the quality of human resources for Papuans.

The quality of the Papuan people is improved and they prove themselves that they are actually smart and skilled. By continuing to practice and be patient in participating  in workshops,  you will become more proficient. If you have opened  a barbershop,  it will be crowded with customers because the results are good. When Papuans are diligent in studying through training, their income will also increase.

The acceleration of the development of Papua is being carried out by the government so that the human resources of the citizens of Cendrawasih Land will increase. You do this by giving scholarships so that Papuan children can go to high school. In addition, there are trainings that improve their skills and enable them to open their own businesses.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Bandung

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