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The Map of Indonesia’s Investment Opportunities is Getting Wider


By: Astrid Widia)*

The government has prepared a map of investment opportunities whose territory is getting wider and spread across various provinces in Indonesia. This map was prepared so that foreign investors are more confident in investing in this country. The government has also provided guarantees to investors so that they feel safe in doing business in Indonesia.

Indonesia is a country with great potential for investment, because it has abundant natural and human resources. This potential is offered to many other countries as investors, and they are attracted because there are benefits in the form of fair cooperation. With so many investors, Indonesia will be more advanced because it will increase the country’s foreign exchange.

The Ministry of Investment together with the Head of the Investment Agency and One Stop Services from 13 provinces, have compiled the 2022 Investment Opportunity Map. This map is ready to be offered to investors so that more foreign investors will enter Indonesia. The purpose of making this map is to provide easy information on investment potential and create new business opportunities in order to attract investors.

Investment Minister Bahlil Lahadalia stated that the Investment Opportunity Map will be escorted to the pre-feasibility study document stage. This map will be a profile of investment opportunities in the region so that it will provide a comprehensive and detailed picture to potential investors.

The Investment Opportunity Map is well structured and investors will be attracted to Indonesia. Moreover, its spread to 13 provinces and not only dwell on the island of Java. If there are many areas that have potential then they can choose where to invest their capital, according to the field of the company they are involved in.

The Investment Opportunity Map describes the potentials possessed by regions in Indonesia. In South Sumatra, the advantage is sugar cane plantations that have been integrated. In North Sumatra and East Java there is potential for horticulture in the form of tropical fruits, such as pineapple, apple, orange, dragon fruit, and mango.

Meanwhile, East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara have potential for livestock investment (cows and horses). In South Sulawesi there is a seaweed and soybean industry, and in Maluku there is a fishery business. In Banten there is a solar panel industry and in Gorontalo there is corn processing.

If there is an Investment Opportunity Map, it will be easier for foreign investors to choose which field to cooperate in and go directly to the right area. For example, investors can go directly to South Sulawesi to process seaweed which is used as food (nori) and cosmetic ingredients. The investment business opportunity is very high because it has good quality seaweed natural resources.

Deputy Chairperson of KADIN (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Coordinator for Investment, Maritime and Foreign Affairs, Shinta Kamdani, expressed his appreciation for the 2022 Investment Opportunity Map. This step is very appropriate to attract foreign investors in the second half of 2022. Especially ahead of the final G20 meeting This year.

The businesses listed on the Investment Opportunity Map will attract investors if they meet the requirements. Among them are ready to use, competitive, have good supply and demand flows, and there is facilitation of investment realization from the government. These conditions have been met, especially when there is a guarantee for the security of foreign investment from the government.

When the G20 is held, delegates from other countries will realize that Indonesia has potential in agriculture, animal husbandry, and others. They will hold a more serious next meeting regarding investment in Indonesia. The number of investors will increase because the government has prepared an Investment Opportunity Map very seriously.

Meanwhile, the Governor of South Sumatra, Herman Deru, stated that investment opportunities must be offered concretely, in accordance with the target market. It is hoped that the government will not only provide a 2022 Investment Opportunity Map, but also display a window containing investment potential throughout Indonesia. There is also a need for marketing assistance so that investors can be easily persuaded to invest their capital.

Investment opportunities should be matched with the target market. For example, for the horticultural industry, it can seduce investors from South Korea who are very interested in Indonesian fresh fruits. The people have a healthy lifestyle because they don’t want to be obese and eventually want to become investors in the modern horticultural industry in East Java.

Support from the Governor of South Sumatra and other regional officials is very important in the successful presentation of the 2022 Investment Opportunity Map. They can explain which areas have great opportunities for foreign investment. In addition, regional heads also promote that their areas are safe and very suitable for investment.


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