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Through PYCH, BIN Maximally Facilitates Young Papuan Talents


Papua — Through the construction and inauguration of the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) building, the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) has made the most of providing facilities to young talents from Bumi Cenderawasih to improve the welfare of the entire community.

It is known that the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has inaugurated PYCH in March 2023, which is projected that the building will be able to become a container for all the talents of young people in Papua.

The Papua Youth Creative Hub itself now has 12,843 members, all of whom are supervised by BIN.

All members are spread across as many as 21 districts/cities in Papua and West Papua, where they are engaged in various fields such as MSMEs, creative industries, agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, social culture, education to health.

Deputy IV for Economic Intelligence at BIN, Made Kartikajaya, said that the existence of the Papua Youth Creative Hub is clear evidence of Indonesia-centric development being promoted by President Jokowi.

“The existence of the PYCH building is indeed one of the President’s commitments that development in Indonesia is not only Java-centric but Indonesia-centric,” he said.

Furthermore, he also revealed that BIN will never stop trying to promote the welfare of the people of Bumi Cenderawasih through the existence of the PYCH Building.

“In fact, this PYCH is the first building which is proof that the government is very concerned about Papua. Therefore, BIN will not stop trying to promote the welfare of the Papuan people,” added BIN’s Deputy IV for Economic Intelligence.

Made Kartikajaya stressed that his party would continue to be at the forefront in helping accelerate the welfare development of Indonesia’s easternmost province.

“BIN is at the forefront of accelerating the development of the welfare of the Papuan people,” he said.

Meanwhile, Social Observer from the University of Indonesia (UI), Devie Rahmawati explained that the existence of the PYCH Building had indeed had many good impacts for youth in Papua.

“The Big House with this center will help the children meet each other, discuss with each other, and even hope that in the future, there will also be mentors accompanying them,” he said.

“So that this potential is not only potential, but can really produce young Papuans who have independence,” he added

“Because they have a business that is not only beneficial for local Papuans, but can also feel the results of their products and services for other cities in Indonesia, and does not rule out the possibility in other countries,” added Devie.

Then, the Director General of Cipta Karya of the PUPR Ministry, Diana Kusumastuti explained that one of the goals of the PYCH Building was to be able to unite young people in Papua Mountains and Coasts to be able to work together in improving welfare.

“In Papua, there are mountains and beaches. The two of them have a long distance and sometimes it doesn’t quite fit,” he explained.

“All the youth should unite in one building, which can give each other their work to improve the economy in Papua. They are gathered together and study, work and to be able to improve their welfare,” he said.

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